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Wednesday, May 11 2022

The University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) is inviting applications from unemployed and underemployed Caymanians for a year-long training programme in sustainable trades. The programme will be free of cost and is made possible thanks to a grant of €432,000 (CI$405,000) from the European Union (EU) RESEMBID Programme.

RESEMBID, funded by the European Union and implemented by Expertise France - the development cooperation agency of the Government of France, supports sustainable human development efforts in 12 Caribbean Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) - Aruba, Anguilla, Bonaire, British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Curaçao, Montserrat, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Saint Barthelemy, Sint Maarten and Turks and Caicos. 

The RESEMBID grant was awarded earlier this year to help the Cayman Islands’ community after the COVID-19 crisis, which resulted in a substantial number of unemployed persons across the islands. The aim of the project funding is to assist fifty Caymanians to move towards gaining sustainable employment and long-term social and economic resilience in four key sectors, sustainable construction, renewable energy, Information Communications Technology (ICT) and tourism. The programme is open for applications now and the criteria is that participants must be Caymanian and between the ages of 18 and 45. In addition to the cost of training being fully covered, the grant will also pay for tools and equipment, making it completely free for students.

Training for the fifty Caymanians will begin on June 27 2022 and will last until January 2023. Thereafter, participants will undergo a 3-month internship with placements relevant to the field of study. The four full-time programmes are free of charge for students and are available in the following four sectors:

Solar Photovoltaic Technology and Systems – 15 Students

NCCER's Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics curriculum covers the basic concepts of PV systems and their components and how PV systems are sized, designed, and installed. This curriculum adheres to the North American Board of Energy Practitioners' (NABCEPs) educational standards for technicians.

Information Communications Technology (ICT) – 10 Students

The students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to effectively apply, use and manage computer technology and hardware when solving problems and the role it plays in the sustainable development of the Cayman Islands. 

Sustainable Building Technology (Construction) – 15 Students

 Students will learn sustainable construction and how it uses renewable and recyclable materials when building new structures and reducing energy consumption and waste. The primary goal is to promote sustainable building in the Cayman Islands, reducing the industry's environmental impact, and support long-term Tourism objectives.

Tourism/Hospitality Management – 10 students

Students will learn tourism services and management skills that take full account of economic, social, and environmental impacts while addressing visitors' needs, industry, and Cayman Island communities.

Funding for the UCCI project is coming from the RESEMBID COVID-19 Resilience Response Facility, a €12.7 million injection of additional money to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across the 12 OCTs. 

Leading the RESEMBID project for the University College of the Cayman Islands, is project officer, Cleveland Julien. “The RESEMBID grant has come at a crucial time for the Cayman Islands, when the four sectors highlighted are starting to make a resurgence and will provide a wealth of opportunities for Caymanians to gain and sustain careers,” Mr. Julien commented. “UCCI is proud to be working with RESEMBID and key business stakeholders to build programmes of study that will truly train the workforce of tomorrow in careers pertinent to the growth of the Cayman Islands’ economy. Importantly, these programmes are a mixture of classroom-based study and hands-on work experience. We aim to give people the skills they need to succeed by learning on the job, supported by classroom theory, which is the preferred method of training for skilled professionals.”

“The programme is open for applications now and we strongly encourage Caymanians to visit to apply. Training will begin in June 2022 and students will be given the whole package free of charge. There has never been a better time to think about realising your dreams,” he said.

The University College of the Cayman Islands is also appealing for volunteers for the project from individuals who wish to act as student mentors, events coordinators, mentorship coordinators and internship coordinators. Volunteers can register their interest at

RESEMBID Programme Director, Fabian McKinnon said, “It is very important for RESEMBID to serve the people of the OCTs. It is critical that they have the skills and capacity in Cayman to ensure sustainable energy management and resilience.”

UCCI has also partnered with Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman (WORC) and the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce in identifying appropriate candidates.

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