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University College of the Cayman Islands Textbook Collection Schedule Summer 2021

Students who are on Scholarship

Students must please present your UCCI Student ID when you are obtaining your books for the Spring Semester classes.

The schedule for collecting your textbooks is as follows:
  • Monday – Thursday – 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Friday – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Saturday - Closed

Non-Scholarship Students

Students who are not on scholarship, can order and purchase from the bookstore by contacting the bookstore clerk at 623-0577 or 325-3235 or via email at

Students can pay online by following these steps:


  • General fees, Textbooks
  • Amount (Enter price of textbook(s)
  • Description of textbooks (title)

Physical payments can be made at either RBC or CNB

The schedule for collecting your textbooks is as follows:
  • Monday – Thursday – 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
  • Friday – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Saturday - Closed
  • Book information and prices are subject to change without notice based on stock availability.

    ACC 121/201/202Introduction to Accounting/Financial & ManagerialPrinciples of Financial & Managerial Accounting (14Ed)9781337119207Warren$ 280.00
    ACC 300 -1Intermediate Financial Accounting 1Intermediate Accounting (16th Ed)9781118743201KiesoTBA
    ACC 401-1Taxation IFederal Taxation 2019 Comprehensive9780134532387RupertTBA
    ACC 402 -2Advanced Financial Accounting IAdvanced Accounting (13th Ed)9781259444951Hoyle$ 160.00
    ACC 403-1Auditing IAuditing 10th Edition9781305080577JohnstoneTBA
    BIO 101 -1College Biology I/LABCampbel Biology (11th Ed)9780134093413Reece$ 250.00
    BIO 120 -1Biochemistry for NursesIntroduction to General Organic Biochemistry (10th Ed)9781133109112Campbell$ 250.00
    BIO 206 -1Cell Biology/LabBecker's World of the Cell E-Books9781292177779Campbell$ 125.00
    BIO 210 -1Anatomy and Physiology IPrinciples of Anatomy & Physiology E - Text Wiley$ 75.00
    BIO 210-1Anatomy and Physiology I-Lab ManualAnatomy and Physiology lab Manual (6th Ed)9781119304142Harper$ 150.00
    BUS 201 -1Principles of BusinessBusiness in Auction (8th Ed)9780134129952BoveeTBA
    BUS 205 -1Business LawFundamentals of Business Law today (10th Ed)9781305075443Miller$ 250.00
    BUS 270 -1Business in ActionNo Text Required   
    BUS 280 -1Business in PracticeBlue Ocean Strategy9781625274496Chan Kim$ 50.00
    CHE 101-1Introduction to ChemistryChemistry (13th Ed)9781260162035Chang$ 230.00
    CHE 111-112General Chemistry I/LabSame as CHE 101   
    CHE 211-1Organic Chemistry I/LabOrganic Chemistry ( 11th Ed)9781260506754Carey$ 230.00
    ENV 101 /102Environmental Science I &IIPrin.of Environmental Science Inq & App (9th Ed) e-books9781260492804Cunningham$ 130.00
    COL 100-1Intro. To College and Survival StrategiesCornerstone for College Success (7th Ed)9780321860477Moody$ 110.00
    COM 110 -1Computer Aplication in BusinessMicrosoft Office 365 Office 2016 Introductory9781305870017Cashman$ 150.00
    COM 110 -2Computer Aplication in BusinessMicrosoft Office 365 Office 2016 Intermediate9781305870383Cashman$ 150.00
    COM 111 -1Health InformaticsHand Book of Informatics (5th Ed)9780132574952HebdaTBA
    COM 117-2IT Essentials: Hardware & SoftwareA+ Guide to IT Technical Support (Hardware and Software) 9th Edition9781305266438Andrews$ 150.00
    COM 200 -1Programming IJava Programing (8th Ed)9781285856919Farrell$ 165.00
    COM 201 -1Programming 11C++ Programming From Problem Analysis ( 8th Ed)9781337102087Malik$ 175.00
    COM 240-1Fundamentals of Telecommunication SystemsData Communications & Computer Networks (8th Ed)9781305116634WhiteTBA
    COM 261-1Systems Analysis and DesignEssentials of Systems Analysis & Designs (6th Ed)9781292076614Hoffer$ 140.00
    COM 302 -1IT Project ManagementInformation Technology Project Management (8th Ed)9781285452340Schwalbe$ 160.00
    COM 305 -1Principles of Operating SystemsOperating System Concepts Essentials (2nd Ed)97811118804926Galvin$ 150.00
    COM 306 -1Introduction to Database SystemsDatabase Concepts (7th Ed)9780134601533Auer$ 120.00
    COM 420 -1Network Oeraing SystemsMCSA Guide to Installing and Configuring Window server9781285868653TomshoTBA
    COM 422-1Internetworking with TCP/IPTCP/IP Protocol Suite (5th Ed)9780073376042Forouzan$ 170.00
    COM 425 -1UNIX System AdministrationUNIX Using Linux ( 4th Ed)9780840031013Palmer$ 165.00
    COM 470 -1Internship in Computer ScienceNo Text Required   
    DAN 101 -1Introduction to Caribbean Dance and CultureNo Text Required   
    ECO 221 - 1Principles of MicroeconomicsMicroeconomics (16th Ed)9781305506893Sobel$ 195.00
    ECO 222 - 1Principles of MacroeconomicsMacroeconomics (15th Ed)9781285453545Sobel$ 195.00
    ECO 325 - 1Intermediate MacroeconomicsTBA   
    ECO 424 - 1Managerial EconomicsManagerial Economics (7th Ed)9780273791935Keat$ 110.00
    EDU 100 -1Orientation to EducationNo Text Required   
    EDU 220 -1Introduction to Child DevelopmentChild Development an Active Approach9781506330693Levine$ 155.00
    EDU 230 -1Introduction to Teaching and LearningThe First Days of School (5th Ed)9780976423386Wong$ 70.00
    EDU 252 -1Principles, Methods & Practicum for Teaching Primary MathNo Text Required   
    EDU 260 -1Integrating Technology in the class roomIntegrating Education Technology (7th Ed)9780134046914Roblyer$ 110.00
    EDU 303 -1Pedagogy Seminar 1No Text Required   
    EDU 335 -1Principles, Methods for Teaching Primary LiteracyCreating Literacy Instruction (10th Ed)9780134863566GunningTBA
    EDU 336 -1Principles, Methods for Teaching Primary Literacy (Practicum)No Text Required   
    EDU 345 -1Creating and Managing Learning EnvironmentsClassroom Management for Elementary Teachers (9th Ed)9780132693264EmmerTBA
    EDU 355 -1Methods & Practicum for Teaching Primary MathsEnhancing Primary Mathematics Teaching9780335213757Thompson$ 90.00
    EDU 356 -1Methods for Teaching Primary Mathematics PracticumNo Text Required   
    EDU 415 -1Teaching Primary Science and Social StudiesTeaching Science as Inquiry (13th Ed)9780134515472BassTBA
    EDU 416 -1Principles & Methods for Teaching Social Studies50 Social Studies Strategies for K-8 Classroom (4th Ed)9780133783681Morris$ 75.00
    EDU 425 -1Child Family & Community RelationshipsTeacher's Guide to Communicating with Parents9780137054060Carter$ 35.00
    EDU 440 -1Measurement, Assessment & Evaluation in EducationSeven Strategies of Assessment for Learning (2nd Ed)9780133366440Chappuis$ 75.00
    EDU 503 -1Pedagogy Seminar INo Text Required   
    EDU 515 -1Principles and Methods for Teaching Primary ScienceSame as EDU 415   
    EDU 516 -1Teaching Science & Social Satudies (Practicum)No Text Required   
    EDU 535 -1Principles, Methods for Teaching Primary LiteracyCreating Literacy Instruction (10th Ed)9780134863566Gunning$ 155.00
    EDU 536 -1Principles, Methods, for Teaching Literacy ( Practicum)No Text Required   
    EDU 540 -1Measurement, Assessment & Evaluation in EducationSame as EDU 440   
    EDU 545 -1Creating and Managing Learning EnvironmentsNo Text Required   
    EDU 555 - 1Principles & Methods for Teaching Primary MathematicsSame as EDU 355   
    EDU 556 - 1Teaching Primary Mathematics (Practicum)No Tex Required   
    ENG 101-1College Composition IThe College Writer: A Guide to Thinking Writing, and Researching9781305959002Meyer$ 90.00
    ENG 102 -1College Composition IISame as ENG 101   
    ENG 102-1College Composition IIMacbeth9781586638467ShakespeareTBA
    ENG 150-1Fundamentals of SpeechThe Elements of Speech Writing9780028614526Scott Cook$ 25.00
    ENG 201-1Caribbean LiteratureA Gathering of Old Men9789766376178Roy Bodden$ 20.00
    ENG 201-1Caribbean LiteratureWide Sargasso Sea9780393352566Rhys$ 35.00
    ENG 205 -1Creative WritingThe Poet’s Companion9780393316544Addonizio$ 45.00
    ENG 205 -1Creative Writingwriting Fiction A Guide to Narrative Craft (9th Ed)9780226616698Stuckey - French$ 45.00
    ENG 205 -1Creative WritingA Poetry Handbook9780156724005Oliver$ 35.00
    ENG 211 -1English Literature 1The Norton Anthology of English literature (9th Ed)9780393919639Norton$ 110.00
    ENG 221 -1Survey of American LiteratureThe Norton Anthology of American literature (8th Ed)9780393913095David$ 110.00
    ENG 231-1Business CommunicationsBusiness Communication Today (14th Ed)9781292215341Bovee$ 125.00
    ENG 231-1Business CommunicationsWorking with Emotional Intelligence9780553378580Coleman$ 30.00
    ENG 301-1Advanced Writing SkillsTBA   
    ENG 311-1Report WritingScientists Must Write: A Guide to Better Writing (2nd Ed)9780415269964Barrass$ 60.00
    ENG 98/99Foundation EnglishEvergreen (11th Ed)9781337097049Fawcett$ 120.00
    ENT 201 -1Engineering Graphics IITechnical Drawing 101 With AutoCAD (2018)9781630570989Smith$ 150.00
    ENT 202 -1Material ScienceEngineering Materials Properties & Selections (9th Ed)9780137128426Budinski$ 200.00
    ENT 203-1Principles of Energy SystemsEnergy and the Environment (3rd Ed)9781119239581BrackTBA
    ENT205 -1Civil Engineering Technology IConstruction Management Fundamentals (2nd Ed)9780073401041KnutsonTBA
    ENT 209 -1Electrical Engineering Technology IFund. Of Electrical Engineering & Basic Electrical pack9780078173400RizzoniTBA
    ENV 101-102Enviro+B93:J93nmental Science I &IIPrin.of Environmental Science Inq & App (9th Ed)9781260492804Cunningham$ 130.00
    ENV 203 - 1Introduction to Marine ScienceOceanography An Invitation to Marine Science9781305105164Ellis$ 125.00
    FIN 250 - 1Introduction to BankingTBA   
    FIN 301 - 1Financial ManagementFundamentals of Financial Management (14th Ed)9781285867977Brigham$ 250.00
    FIN 301 - 1Financial ManagementStudy Guide Fundamentals of Financial Management (14th Ed)9781305403895BrighamTBA
    FIN 302 - 1Financial Markets and InstitutionsTBA   
    FIN 404 - 1Investments (CFA Research Challenge)TBA   
    FIN 444 -1Independent Sudy in FinanceTBA   
    HIS 120-1Caymanian SocietyBetween A Past and Present Consciousness9781527534780Williams$ 90.00
    HIS 120-1Caymanian SocietyFounded upon the Seas9780972935838Michael Craton$ 80.00
    HIS 121-2Survey of Caribbean HistoryThe Caribbean A History of the Region and Its People9780226645087Scarano$ 85.00
    HOS 106 -1Introduction to HospitalityIntroduction to Hospitality (7th Ed)9780134514215WalkerTBA
    HOS 107-1Food Safety and Sanitation (Polycom)No Text Required   
    HOS 215 -1Elements of Economics (Polycom)TBA   
    HOS 221-1Introduction to Hotel Operations and ManagementFoundations of Lodging management (3rd Ed)9780134514215HayesTBA
    HOS 252 -1Hospitality Financial AccountingAccounting for the Hospitality Industry9780139738845MoncarzTBA
    HOS 256 -1Hospitality Supervision and LeadershipHospitality Employee Management and Supervision9780471745228SommervilleTBA
    HRM 301 -1Strategic Human Resource ManagementHuman Resource Management (15th Ed)9781292152103DesslerTBA
    HRM 401 -1Performance ManagementPerformance Management (3rd Ed)9780132556385Aguinis$ 150.00
    MAT 105-1College AlgebraCollege Algebra and Calculus (2nd Ed)978113310 5060Larson$ 185.00
    MAT 106-1College Algebra for Science and TechnologyAlgebra & Trigonometry (10th Ed)9780321998590Sullivan$ 220.00
    MAT 111-215Introduction to Statistics and Business StatisticsElementary Statistic Step by Step (9th Ed)9780078136337Bluman$ 185.00
    MAT 121 -1Pre-Calculus with TrigonometrySame as MAT 106   
    MAT 221 -1Calculus with Analytical GeometryCalculus Early Transcedentals (8th Ed)9781305272378StewartTBA
    MAT 233 - 1Probability and StatisticsSame as MAT 111   
    MAT 260 -1Discrete MathematicsDiscrete Mathematics and its application (4th Ed) Intl9780495826163Epp$ 265.00
    MAT 311-1Quantitative MethodsIntroduction to Management Science9780134730660Taylor$ 255.00
    MAT 98-99Foundation MathematicsPre algebra & Intro Algebra (4th Ed)9780134115948Bittinger$ 220.00
    MGT 201 -1Introduction to ManagementManagement (14th Ed)9780136170112Robbins$ 250.00
    MGT 260 -1Human Resource ManagementFundamentals of Human Resource Management ( 4th Ed)9781292098463Dessler$ 150.00
    MGT 331 -1Organizational BehaviorEssentials of Organizational Behavior (14th Ed)9781292221533Robbins$ 120.00
    MGT 431 -1Strategic Management and MarketingTBA  $ 150.00
    MGT 432 -1Business EthicsAn Introduction to Business Ethics (5th Ed)9780078038327DesjardinsTBA
    MGT 434 -1Talent ManagementNo Text Required   
    MKT 200-1Principles of MarketingPrinciples of Marketing (17th Ed)9780134642314KotlerTBA
    MKT 301 -1Integrated Marketing CommunicationsAdvertising, Promotion and Integrated Marketing (10th Ed )9781337282659Andrews$ 175.00
    MKT 402 -1Marketing ResearchBasic Marketing Research (3rd Ed)9780135078228Burns$ 190.00
    MKT 406 -1International Business and MarketingSimulation Code Required   
    MKT 450 -1Management CapstoneSimulation code required   
    MSF 101-1Videography 1The Film Maker's Handbook9780452297289Ascher$ 40.00
    MSF 112 -1Video Editing 1Same as MSF 101   
    MSF 226 -1Screen Writing 1TBA   
    MSH 201 -1History of The American Film IndustryNo Text Required   
    MSJ 242 - 1Introduction to Broadcast JournalismTBA   
    MUS 104 -1Mixed ChoirNo Text Required   
    MUS 105-1Steel PanNo Text Required   
    MUS 201-1Music Notation and Music AppreciationNo Text Required   
    MUS 202-1Music TheoryNo Text Required   
    MUS 220 -1Introduction to Piano PerformanceNo Text Required   
    NUR 203-1Health AssessmentHealth Assessment in Nursing (6th Ed)9781496344380WeberTBA
    NUR 203-1Health AssessmentNursing Process Concepts & Applications (3rd Ed)97811111308254SeabackTBA
    NUR 203-1Health AssessmentHandbook for Nursing Diagnosis (15th Ed)9781496338396CarpenitoTBA
    NUR 203-1Health AssessmentJarvis Physical Examination & Health Assessment (7th Ed)9781455728107JarvisTBA
    NUR 204-1Patient & Health Care Worker SafetyInfection Prevention and Control at a Glance9781118973554WestonTBA
    NUR 205-1First Aid & Basic Life SupportFirst Aid Manual (10th Ed)9780241226384Irish Red Cross$ 50.00
    NUR 214-1Community Health NursingCommunity and Public Health Nursing (9th Ed)9781496349828Rector$ 150.00
    NUR 215-1Community Health Nursing Clinical PracticumNo Text Required   
    NUR 305-1Adult Health NursingBrunner & Suddarth's Medical- Surgical Nursing (14th Ed)9781496347992Hinkle$ 200.00
    NUR 306-1Adult Health Nursing PracticumNo Text Required   
    NUR 315-1Care of the ElderlyGerontological nursing (9th Ed)9780060000347Eliopoulos$ 100.00
    NUR 405-1Specialized NursingIntroduction to Critical Care Nursing (8th Ed)9780323641937Sole$ 170.00
    NUR 405-1Specialized NursingEmergency Nursing Made Easy (3rd Ed)9781975117474Rebar$ 85.00
    NUR 406-1Specialized Nursing Clinical PracticumNo Text Required   
    PHI 101 -1Introduction to PhilosophyThe History of Western Philosophy9780671201586Russell$ 60.00
    PHI 192 -1Ethics for the Human ServicesEthical Decision for Social Work Practice9780840034106Dolgoff$ 120.00
    PHI 192 -1Ethics for the Human ServicesSocial Work Values and Ethics9780231161893Reamer$ 80.00
    PHY 101-1Introductory to PhysicsTBA   
    PHY 110 -1College Physics I - MechanicsAdvanced Physics for you (2nd Ed)9781408527375Johnson$ 150.00
    POL 101-1Introduction to Political SciencePolitical Science, An Introduction (14th Ed)978129156248Roskin$ 85.00
    POL 202-1Government, Business and SocietyBusiness, Government & Society (13th Ed)9780078112676Steiner$ 180.00
    PSY 101-1Introduction to PsychologyEssentials of Psychology Concepts9781305964150Nevid$ 175.00
    PSY 201-2Developmental PsychologyExploring Lifespan Development (4th Ed)9780134488950Berk$ 185.00
    PSY 350 -2Abnormal PsychologyAbnormal Psychology (8th Ed)9781292019635Oltmanns$ 125.00
    PSY 380 -1Community PsychologyCommunity Psychology (3rd Ed)9781111352578Kloos$ 180.00
    PSY 404-1Contemporary Issues in Social PsychologySocial Psychology and Everyday Life9780230217959Hodgetts$ 110.00
    SOC 101-1Sociology ISociology (16th )9780134206318MacionisTBA
    SOC 302-1Research Methods in NursingNursing Research9780323431316Haber$ 150.00
    SPA 101 -1Introduction to Spanish 1/LabHola Amigos Text Book (8th Ed)9781133952213Jarvis$ 180.00
    SPA 101 -1Introduction to Spanish 1/LabHola Amigos Work Book (8th Ed)9781133952190Jarvis$ 110.00
    SPA 102 -1Introduction to Spanish 11/LabSame as SPA 101   
    SWK 101Introduction to Social WorkTechniques and Guidelines for Social Work Practice9780205965106SheaforTBA
    SWK 203 -1Law of Social WorkerLaw for social Workers (15th Ed)9780198825982Goosey$ 75.00
    SWK 204 -1Social Case WorkDirect Social Work Practice Theory and Skills (10th Ed)39781305633803RooneyTBA
    SWK 204Social Case WorkSociaL Work Theoretical Treatment Approaches (6th Ed)9780190239596TurnerTBA
    SWK 333 -1Mediation and Dispute ResolutionThe Mediation Process (4Th Ed)9781118304303BassTBA
    SWK 333Mediation and Conflict ManagementThe Mediator's handbook9780865717220PackardTBA 
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