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Every person that attends UCCI has a story.

What do you want yours to be?

Since its inception as a community college in 1975, the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) has been transforming students’ lives. Our historic beginnings were fueled by the changing needs of our society and today UCCI has evolved into Cayman’s choice for comprehensive tertiary education.

We celebrate our students’ successes and are proud to be a part of building our nation. UCCI is where education and real-world experiences converge to create the best academic setting for all who wish to have access to quality education in Cayman.

Whatever you want to become, do, or achieve; start your success story at UCCI.

How to Apply

Start your success story at UCCI by discovering your Student Type to understand the application process, important deadlines, what programmes you may be eligible to pursue, and to view the Admissions Checklist of documents you will need to submit along with your application.

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What kind of student are you?

UCCI students come from diverse backgrounds and have many different goals. As one family, we share one common ethos.

We all want to Dream. Soar. Achieve.

I am a High School Leaver. I have finished (or will soon finish) my high studies at a local private high school, CIFEC or overseas. I am 20 years or younger and have not yet joined the workforce. I want to further my education at UCCI.

I am a Year 11 student at a local public high school and I want to begin my Year 12 in the Dual Enrolment Programme at UCCI to pursue my Associate Degree.

I am an International Student and I want to study at UCCI.

I want to continue or complete my studies by transferring to UCCI from another university.

I am a Transient Student. I am visiting student and I am interested in attending UCCI for one semester or two.


I attend an overseas university which has formed an international partnership with UCCI to facilitate study abroad experiences.

I am ready to continue my education by taking some courses that build upon my skills. I may also want to pursue some of my technical/vocational interests with a course or certification.

I or my organisation would like training opportunities to enhance workforce knowledge through workshops, seminars, certificates, diplomas, immersive learning experiences and other highly customisable courses of study.

I am 21+ years of age and I would like to start or return to UCCI to upskill and re-tool myself with a degree programme or specific courses.

I want to take specific courses or I am not sure what degree to pursue.

I paused my studies at UCCI for one or more academic years. I want to get back on track to complete my studies.

I am a Civil Service College (CSC) Student and I want to transfer to UCCI to pursue a degree programme.

I am interested in pursuing my graduate studies (Master’s degree).

Congratulations! Get the information you need to know.

Experience our Student Life for yourself

There is no better time than now to experience the rich array of opportunities UCCI offers. Meet our people and see why we are such a dynamic community.

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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Find the information and assistance you need to finance the cost of an education at The University College of the Cayman Islands.

We are dedicated to making the financial process as straightforward as possible. Use these resources to help determine what to budget for as you prepare to attend The University College of the Cayman Islands.

Graduate Admissions

If you want to experience a high-quality graduate programme taught by excellent faculty, choose UCCI’s Graduate School. As we prepare students for careers in Human Resources, Executive MPA and MBA. our focus on student welfare and professional development runs deep. Explore our Programmes today.

TVET Admissions

Advance or launch a new career with a certificate from UCCI’s at Technical vocational education training. You will learn the real-world skills that employers want from some of the best educators active in the field. Gain the edge to excel in today’s evolving workplace while receiving the support. These programmes are typically offered on a part-time or day release basis.

Information for Parents

As a parent of a current student, you are a valued member of The UCCI family, and we are excited and proud to partner with you in your student's success.

We offer a variety of ways that you can stay aware of key events and activities in your student’s college career: admissions, financial aid and scholarships, student activities and class registration, for example. And, we have an active parent programs organisation that facilitates and enhances communication with you throughout the year.




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