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Dual Enrolment Students

Pursue your Passion at UCCI

Pursue your Passion at UCCI

Do you consider yourself highly motivated? Eager to find out what college is like before you get there? Dual enrollment is a programme through which high school students may enroll in college classes at UCCI. The purpose of the programme is to supplement and enrich the academic programmes of ambitious high school students by widening their options and offering them the challenge of taking courses that are unavailable at their high schools.

The Application Process

Here is a brief description of the Application Process for students:

Make Your Choice Test

Decide what Programme you want to study and then check to see that you meet the Admissions Criteria. Admissions Criteria varies according to your programme of choice. You may also have Other Requirements. If you have questions about Admissions Criteria, you can contact the UCCI Admissions Office.

Apply Online

Complete the online Application Form and the Student Assessment Form. Use the below Admissions Checklist to ensure that you have all the Required Documents ready to submit in time to meet the Important Deadlines listed below. This helps to ensure your application can be processed in time for the semester you wish to start studying at UCCI.

Complete Your Application

Stop by the UCCI Admissions Office to submit the printed/signed Application Form and the printed/signed Student Assessment Form along with the Required Documents and the Application Fee. Remember to use the Admissions Checklist to ensure that your application is complete

Attend UCCI New Student Orientation

(Grants, scholarships and work-study)

Learn about our university and get vital information before you go to pay and register for classes at UCCI’s New Student Registration!

Attend UCCI New Student Registration

Attend the one-stop enrolment experience and bring any required documents you have not yet submitted. Our team will review those documents to determine if you have met the Admissions Criteria for your programme of choice.

Your Acceptance Letter

Your Acceptance Letter is only issued when your application is complete. That means it may be issued to you at the UCCI New Student Registration if you are eligible. At this one-stop enrolment experience you will also receive academic advising, register for your classes, pay for your tuition & fees, and talk to our Student Life Office. You will also pay for your uniform and gather an Information Packet for Dual Enrolment Students. It will provide rules, requirements, the Programme Coordinator’s contact details, and some important dates to remember.

Review your UCCI Acceptance Letter

Follow all instructions listed in your Acceptance Letter to prepare yourself for the academic journey ahead. Collect your uniform before tutorials and classes start. You must wear this uniform for the 1st year of your Dual Enrolment at UCCI. Be sure to purchase your books from the UCCI Bookstore.

Congratulations on being accepted to UCCI

You can now register for classes and be on your way to achieving success.

Important Deadlines

Students can submit their online Application Form at any time. However, we highly recommend that prospective students apply by the priority deadlines to ensure there is time to process your application in advance of the semester you wish to enter. Here are those dates:

Fall semester entry

  • May 31st - Application Deadline for International Students to apply online
  • June 30th - Application Deadline for Caymanians & Qualified Residents to apply online

Check our Academic Calendar for dates of New Student Orientation, the Class Registration period and Class start dates for your semester of entry.

Review the Student Handbook for the Dual Enrolment Programme to read more about the rules, requirements and important dates for Dual Enrolment Students.

Other Requirements

You may have other requirements based on your Student Type if you are a:

You may have other requirements based on your Programme:

  • A personal interview is required for all Certificate Programmes, the Pre-College Matriculation Programme, Nursing Programmes, Social Work Programmes, the Bachelor of Science in Primary Education, the Postgraduate Certificate in Education & Graduate Programmes. Some programmes will also require a personal essay. Review your programme to see if there are Other Requirements you need to satisfy.
  • Review the Student Handbook for the Dual Enrolment Programme to read more about the rules, requirements and important dates for Dual Enrolment Students.

Dual Enrolment Student Handbook

Review the Student Handbook for the Dual Enrolment Programme to read more about the rules, requirements and important dates for Dual Enrolment Students.


Do you have additional questions? You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions section to read more.

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