Financial Aid

What is Financial Aid?

All colleges and universities offer financial aid. The amount of financial aid one can receive is dependent on a few factors:

  • Financial situation
  • Cost of tuition
  • Your year in school and your enrollment status.

Financial aid helps students and their families by covering education expenses, such as tuition and fees, books and supplies.

Types of Financial Aid

There are two main types of scholarships that students may be eligible for:

merit-based scholarships or needs-based scholarships.

  • Merit-based scholarships award students for outstanding credentials. They award high achieving students who excel in academics, arts, and athletics. They do not take into account a student’s financial situation.
  • Needs-based scholarships award students who have a financial need. Students qualify for needs-based scholarships based on their family’s income and financial constraints.

Both college grants and scholarships are forms of financial aid that students are not required to pay back. Both may require that a student maintain a certain GPA to receive the financial support each year (if the aid is renewable), and may require an annual application.

Scholarships Available

The Community Engagement Programme (CEP) at the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) is a comprehensive need-based scholarship and retention programme for first-generation college students studying in the Cayman Islands.

The Peter N. Thomson Family Foundation - University College of the Cayman Islands Scholarship programme is designed to support Caymanians with tertiary education. The scholarship will be awarded to qualifying Caymanians to pursue their Associate or Bachelor studies at UCCI.

The UCCI CISCO Netacad Scholarship aims to support the development of residents of the Cayman Islands. The scholarship focuses on providing financial support to NEW IT Academy students interested in CISCO courses, who are driven to improve the Cayman Islands.

Fall 2021 - Financial Aid Timeline

June 1
Application Opens

JUL 16
Applications Deadline

JUL 17-31
Applications Review

AUG 1-8Recipients Announcement