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Thursday, Feb 01 2024

The University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) is proud to announce a groundbreaking increase in Spring enrolments, reaching 1,302 students after the first week and projecting over 1,500 enrolments for the semester. This remarkable growth will be a new record for UCCI.

UCCI's success is partly due to the introduction of new qualifications in digital and STEM subjects, alongside short, stackable workforce training programmes accredited by renowned bodies like NCCER. These programmes are tailored to meet the evolving needs of the modern workforce.

The growth extends to postgraduate studies, with a surge in enrolments reflecting the value, UCCI's advanced programmes offer. UCCI's commitment to practical, workplace-relevant training is further exemplified through partnerships with leading businesses for in-house training programmes.

International collaborations have also played a pivotal role in UCCI’s success this year, with UCCI forging strong ties with institutions like UWI, NEIT, Saint Leo University, and the College of the Rockies. These partnerships enhance the global perspective and opportunities available to UCCI students.

Dr. Robert W. Robertson, President, and CEO of UCCI, comments, “This enrolment record is not just a number; it reflects UCCI's unwavering commitment to providing work-ready education and training. Our diverse course offerings, industry partnerships, and international collaborations underscore our dedication to preparing students for the challenges of the modern workplace and global economy.

“This record enrolment is attributed to the concerted efforts of UCCI's marketing and registration team, the advising team in student life, along with the deans and faculty. These have all been crucial in embracing and implementing innovative programming, showcasing UCCI's commitment to providing education and competencies vital for success in the workplace.”

As UCCI continues to grow, it remains dedicated to nurturing development in the Cayman Islands, fostering a community where education, innovation, and collaboration drive progress.

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