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STOP! Don't start the form yet without reading this first: Important information to know before you begin.


  1. Submit the form only once: Wait for the on-screen confirmation before proceeding.
  2. Check your email: After submitting, look for a confirmation email.
  3. Already submitted your form? Do not resubmit on the UCCI website—it'll create a new entry and deplete our limited DocuSign forms. Instead, visit the One-Stop Centre for follow-ups.
  4. Additional documents required? Refer to the form instructions for the correct UCCI email address.
  • Change of Major 

    If you want to switch between an Associate of Applied Science and an Associate of Arts/Science degree (or vice versa), use the Change of Major form.

    Before starting:
    1. Schedule a meeting with your advisor.
    2. Prepare a Degree Plan for your desired major, showing how current courses will fit.

    Have these documents ready to email to

    • Current & New Degree Plans.

    Change of Major Form


    Change of Personal Data

    This form is used for changes to your personal information such as changes to your email address, physical/postal address, contact number, etc. If your name has changed, please use the ‘Change of Name’ form located below this form. 

    Change of Personal Data Form


    Change of Name 

    The Change of Name form is used to change the personal data on record to the correct name stated on official documents. 

    Before beginning this form, make sure you have the following document(s) to email to

    • Passport, Marriage License, or an Official Court document

    Change of Name Form


    Change of Degree Plan

    The Change of Degree Plan form is used when a student wants to change their degree plan to the current year/version of the plan from i.e., 2007 to 2022.

    Students changing their degree plan should first make an appointment to see their advisor to ensure that they understand how the courses already completed will apply to the new degree plan and if there will be additional requirements.

    Before beginning this form, make sure you have the following document(s) to email to

    • Current & New Degree Plan versions

    Change of Degree Plan Form


    Credit Overload Request 

    The credit overload request form is used when an undergraduate student wishes to take more than 18 credits or a graduate student that wishes to take more than the maximum for their program. A credit overload is ONLY granted if the student has a 3.0 GPA or above.  

    Credit Overload Request Form


    Course Waiver or Substitution 

    This form is to be used to waive or substitute a course requirement approved by the Academic Advisor and the Division Dean.  

    A waived course does not reduce the number of credits required for graduation but allows an additional elective to be completed. 

    The Academic Advisor and Division Dean must first agree on a course substitution. 

    Before beginning this form, make sure you have the following document(s) to email to

    • Academic Advisor and Division Dean approval

    Course Waiver or Substitution Form


    Release of Academic Records Authorization 

    The Authorization to Release Academic Records form, when filed with the Registrar’s Office, allows college officials to communicate with the named third party regarding the records indicated by the student 

    Release of Academic Records Authorization Form


    Request for Letter 

    This form is used for Immigration, Insurance, Reference, Embassy, Overseas institutions or other reasons. This form can verify the terms of attendance, current or past enrolment information, semester(s) completed to date, degree conferral, cumulative GPA, GPA for a (specific) semester and a year, or any other reason. 

    Important Notes 

    Students must be in good financial standing in accordance with the Admissions & Registration Office to request a letter.  

    Rush Requests are not permitted during the Registration and Final Exams period and for past students who were admitted prior to 2008. 

    Before beginning this form, make sure you have the EXACT name and address (P.O. Box) to be sent. 

    Request for Letter Form


    Request for Transcript 

    Use this form for official verifications, suitable for scholarship applications and institutions both local and overseas. It confirms courses completed, semester and cumulative GPAs, and degree conferment (if relevant).

    Before you start, ensure you have:

    - Email, consent, and the precise name and address of the institution/organization.
    - For DHL shipments: Exact name and physical address of the overseas institution/organization.
    Online payment portal:

    - Standard Request (5 working days): $10.00
    - Additional Standard Requests: $5.00
    - Rush Request (2 working days): $20.00
    - Additional Rush Requests: $10.00


    - Only students with good financial standing at UCCI, as per the Admissions & Registration Office, can request a transcript.
    - No Rush Requests during Registration and Final Exams, or for students admitted before 2008.


    Request for Transcript Form


    Transfer of Credits 

    Students aiming to transfer credits to UCCI for degree or certificate completion should fill out the Transfer Credit Application Request.

    For processing, official transcripts from all past institutions must be submitted to the Office of Records. Transcripts are deemed official if received electronically via a secure site or if delivered in a sealed envelope directly from the institution.

    UCCI's credit transfer involves a comprehensive review led by the Deans. Generally, only courses with a minimum grade of "C" from accredited tertiary institutions qualify for transfer. However, specific requirements like minimum grades, credit expiration, course timeliness, and prerequisites may differ across programs, ensuring students are adequately prepared in their chosen discipline.

    Transfer of Credits Form 



    This document enables students to transfer credits of pre-approved courses back to their university after one semester. (This form should be completed per semester/session.)  

    Documents required:  

    • Completed Online Application (for NEW students) OR Completed Readmission Application (for RETURNING students)
    • Official University/College Transcript
    • Approval from Student’s Institution for the course to be taken

    Transient Form 


  • Refund Request 

     If a course is canceled, students are entitled to a full refund. No processing fee will be charged. 

    The Add/Drop period is the first week of the semester. If a class is dropped during the first week, the student is entitled to a full refund. 

    You are required to drop the class online prior to requesting a refund. If this is not possible, please ensure that the Staff Member you have submitted the refund to does so. 

    Please note that good financial standing and a university record clear of holds are required for students to receive services. Refunds will not be provided to students with a financial hold of any kind on their record 

    Documents required to upload to email to    

    • Receipt of Payment

    Refund Request Form 

  • Academic Appeals Petition


    Academic Appeals Petition Form


    Grade Appeal

    A student may appeal a final grade if he or she considers that it is not a true reflection of performance, or that an error was made in arriving at the grade. The Final Grade Appeal form should be completed and submitted within one week (five working days) of grades being posted online. A detailed explanation for the appeal should be provided on the form.

    The Grade Appeal Committee will review all appeals, and the resulting grade will be final, even if lower than the grade originally awarded by the lecturer.

    Step 1: Within the first week of the grade release, the student shall begin the process of submitting a grade appeal by utilizing the form (located below).

    Step 2: After submission of the form, the student should discuss the concerns with the course instructor, stating the reasons for questioning the grade. If the appeal is not resolved with the instructor, the student may proceed in discussing the matter further with the Dean, then the VP & Provost.

    Grade Appeal Form


    Request for Grade Forgiveness 

    This form is for requests for grade forgiveness. All students must consult with an academic adviser. Students who have received financial aid are strongly encouraged to meet with the Office of Financial Aid before submitting this request. This form will be submitted to your academic adviser. 

    Note: You will be required to email to a copy of your unofficial transcript to this form when submitting, please ensure you have this ready before starting the form. 

    Request for Grade Forgiveness Form


  • Associate Degree Conversion  

    Students who have completed their Certificate, Pre-College or enrolled for more than 15 credits as a Non-Degree student and would like to convert to an associate Degree. 

     Deadline Dates for 2022-2023:  

    • December 15th – Spring 2023 | April 28th – Summer 2023 | August 4th – Fall 2023

    Associate Degree Conversion Form


    Bachelor's degree Conversion Form 

    This form is for those who have completed their Associates’ Degree and would like to convert to the Bachelor’s Degree programme. 

    Deadline Dates for 2022-2023:  

    • December 15th – Spring 2023 | April 28th – Summer 2023 | August 4th – Fall 2023

    Bachelor's degree Conversion Form 


  • External Examination  

    This form is to be completed by students requiring exam invigilation/proctoring service for examinations of other universities, colleges, institutions of further education and training, and other certified course providers (from within the Cayman Islands and overseas). Students must submit the Nomination of External Exam Invigilator Form at least one calendar month prior to the scheduled exam date. 

    The cost of this service is CI$150.00 per examination which must be received before the date of the examination. An additional fee of CI$50.00 may be applicable for courier services. 

    External Examination Form


    Final Examination Absent Form

    If you are absent from a final examination for reasons beyond your control, such as family or medical emergencies, you should ensure that you submit this form. Please note, that approval of your absence does not automatically mean your extenuating circumstances will be accepted, as that is considered by Committee during the academic year.

    Final Examination Absent Form


    Final Examination Clash Form

    This form is to be used to notify the Examinations Dept of an Exam Clash in your Final Examination Week timetable.

    The form must be submitted to the College no later than 5 working days before the first day of Final Examination Week. In cases of an exam clash, one of your exams will be rescheduled and you will be notified of the details via your UCCI email address. Rescheduled exams will be conducted as close as possible to, but not before, the original exam timetable.

    Final Examination Clash Form

  • Certificate/Diploma Re-Order

    This form is to be used to reorder the certificate/diploma. Please note that this duplicate diploma will have current official administrator signatures.

    Online payment required:

    • Cost within the Graduation season:  $50.00
    • Cost outside of the Graduation season: $100.00

    Allow 6-8 weeks for processing time as this is ordered out of the country.

    Certificate/Diploma Reorder Form


    Graduation Application

    Students intending to graduate must submit a Graduation Application early in their anticipated graduation semester. Please fill out one application for each program. Note that merely completing the application or attending the Commencement Ceremony doesn't ensure graduation.

    - May graduates: Fourth Friday in January
    - August graduates: Second Friday in June
    - December graduates: Second Friday in September
    Missed deadlines result in a one-term graduation delay.

    Before filling out the form:
    - Have a digital copy of your Degree Plan and Unofficial Transcript ready to email to
    - If your current name differs from your UCCI application, email a copy of your Passport/Birth Certificate/Driver’s License to If there's no matching document, an affidavit (e.g., deed poll) is required.

    - Application: CI $100.00
    - Ceremony participation (cap and gown): Additional CI$35.00
    Pay at, selecting “General Fees”, then the respective Graduation fee (walking/non-walking).

    Graduation Application Form

  • Withdrawal 

    This form is to be used when an enrolled student decides to withdraw (not drop) from one or more course(s) after Add/Drop until the end of the Withdrawal period within the current semester/session stated on the Academic Calendar ( If you must leave, you are required to notify the University through the withdrawal process and then cease attendance in all classes and/or academic activities. 

    Important Notes 

    Courses are billed by the Finance Team at the Course Withdrawal start date. Students are responsible to pay for the course(s) after the add/drop period as self-payer/scholarship recipients. 

    Communication must be sent to the Scholarship Secretariat by the sponsors of the student’s withdrawal. 

    Payment required: 

    In the Service Category Select “General Fees” and then “Course Withdrawal” 

    Withdrawal Form 

  • Readmission  

    Previously enrolled and matriculated UCCI students who are seeking to re-enroll in the University after a period of absence use the Application for Readmission Form. 

    Deadline Dates for 2022-2023:  

    • December 9th – Spring 2023 | April 8th – Summer 2023 | July 28th – Fall 2023

    To pay the fee for this form, go to  

    In the Service Category Select “General Fees” and then “Course Withdrawal” 

    Readmission Form 


    Academic Amnesty 

    The Academic Amnesty form can only be awarded once for returning students who:  

    Have been absent or academically dismissed from UCCI for a consecutive period of at least 5 years, their cumulative GPA was below 2.0 at the point of their departure, and HAVE NOT attended another tertiary institution since leaving UCCI. 

    Have been absent or academically dismissed from UCCI for a consecutive period of at least 3 years, their cumulative GPA was below 2.0 at the point of their departure, and have obtained an Associate Degree from an accepted institution of higher education. 

    Note: Students should not complete this form if it has been previously awarded. 

    Documents Required:  

    Completed Academic Amnesty 

    A one-page letter/essay explaining why you should be considered for academic amnesty addressed to the Admissions & Registration Office. Prepare the essay prior to filling in this form, and then simply copy and paste the essay into the relevant field on the form when submitting. 

    Before starting this form, please ensure you have a digital copy of your completed Degree Plan and Unofficial Transcript to email to  

    You will also be asked to upload a copy of your Passport/Birth Certificate/Driver’s License (if this is different from the name you applied to UCCI with and there is no acceptable supporting document, an affidavit (e.g., a deed poll) will be required. 

    Academic Amnesty Form

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