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The Cayman Islands Banking Certificate



The Cayman Islands Banking Certificate is designed to facilitate persons who have the desire to advance professionally in the financial industry. Students will earn a certificate that will be awarded by the Cayman Islands Bankers’ Association. Students completing the CBC will qualify for advanced standing if they seek to pursue further studies at the University College in the Associate or Bachelor’s programmes. Participants will embrace a wealth of knowledge from the banking industry repertoire.



Programme Objectives for the Cayman Islands Banking Certificate:.

  1. Students will be able to explain the fundamental principles and the diverse activities involved in the operations of the banking sector.
  2. Students will get the opportunity to explore accounting concepts, principles, and practices, thereby providing a foundation for further studies.
  3. Students will evaluate the legal environment within which businesses operate, thereby examining the laws and principles that are applicable to business corporations.
  4. Students will explore skills to provide them with the essential techniques in writing, comprehending and speaking, which are necessary for effective communication within the workplace.
  5. Students with gain insight into the economics of markets and examine the range of macroeconomic issues and policies.

Programme Length

The programme is one year for full-time students.

All students entering this programme must sit a combined English and Mathematics Placement Test to determine their level of entry.

Additional requirements may be necessary: MAT 98, MAT 99 and MAT 105; ENG 98, ENG 99, ENG 101 and ENG 102. This will be determined by the performance on the Placement Test.

Programme Requirements

FIN 250Introduction to Banking3 Credits
ACC 121Introduction to Accounting3 Credits
ACC 201Financial Accounting3 Credits
ECO 221Principles of Microeconomics3 Credits
ECO 222Principles of Macroeconomics3 Credits
ENG 231Business Communications3 Credits
BUS 333Company Law3 Credits
Total Required 21 Credits


The following sequence is suggested for all full-time Banking Certificate students. 

Fall ISpring ISummer I
FIN 250ECO 222ENG 231
ACC 121ACC 201 
ECO 221BUS 333 
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