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Real Estate Level 2

  • The course is intended for those who are established and qualified practitioners in real estate.
  • The sessions are individually approved by RICS Americas for CPD (-except for the administration and housekeeping—at Week 1, and the last week- Finalization and course review) This means that there is the possibility to obtain 20 hours CPD for those who attend all classes

Successful completion of Real Estate 1

  • No specific pre-requisites, however the course is intended for established and existing practitioners.  Non surveying disciplines may also be of interest, where the material is relevant for other disciplines.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to: 

  • Be aware of new Professional standards that have been publicized in 2019 and 2020, by RICS, and other relevant organisations.
  • Be aware of effective dates, and updates to policies and practices required.



Lesson 1:

Introduction, essential housekeeping, introduction of students to lecturer and vice-versa.  Discussion of plans and ideas from the course.  Detail of Hierarchy of RICS publications.

Lesson 2:

International Property Measurement Standards—with particular study of recent changes to those standards, and those to be introduced in the future. 

  • Those already implemented: Offices (Mandatory from 1 Jan 2016) and Residential (Mandatory from 1 May 2018).
  • Those to be implemented in 2020: Industrial and Retail.
  • Those proposed for the future: Mixed Use buildings.
Lesson 3:

International Construction standards—with particular study of recent changes to those standards, and those introduced in 2020.

Lesson 4:

International Land Measurement Standards, effective from 2019; as well as RICS measurement standards for development land, to become effective in 2020(date tbc).

Lesson 5:

International Valuation Standards—with particular study of recent changes to those standards, (effective 31 January 2020).

Lesson 6:

Red Book Update, effective 31January 2020—with particular focus on the requirement for Development Land and Development Projects to be valued and reported using 2 methods-considering both the proposal-specific method AND the comparable method—detail of Practice Guidance notes published in 2019,effective from 2020

Lesson 7:

RICS practice guidance note: Development Valuations-- effective from 1 February 2020.

Lesson 8:

RICS practice guidance note: Comparables in Valuation-effective from 2020.

Lesson 9:

RICS practice guidance note: Detail of new RICS , effective from late 2020—3 levels of survey.

Lesson 10:

Update on Insurance—Caribbean Catastrophe Risk..

Lesson 11:

Asset Valuations: Public and Private assets.  Study of CIPFA and International Standards.

Lesson 12:

Finalisation, Course review and ideas from attendees!.


Lectures, presentations, possible guest speakers.



No direct assessment—Attendance will be monitored, in order to comply with CPD terms of RICS membership.



Handouts will be presented, and course material will be offered by direct e-mail -and for those with access to Blackboard, material will be uploaded on Blackboard LMS.



A scientific calculator will be of benefit-separate from your smartphone, as some smartphone calculator apps are simpler than others.

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