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Pastry Essentials

This course will provide students with a fundamental knowledge of pastry production that includes mixing and baking a variety of pastry doughs, making fillings, and applying appropriate finishes. Working in a practical lab, students will prepare a variety of pies, tarts, and pastries using a combination of doughs, fillings, and finishes. Students will apply food safe and sanitation concepts, as well as practice safe work procedures and working in a professional and respectful manner. Students will be evaluated through daily practical work, theoretical testing, and an applied practical test.

This pastry dough class teaches students about flakey, sweet and cookie doughs, which are the primary pastry dough types. Students learn the different mixing, rolling, and turning techniques required with each dough type. Hands-on activities resulting in the creation of pastries and tarts are integral to this pastry and baking class. Through repetition and practice the student will build their skills and develop confidence.

Course Highlights

Topics covered in Course include:

  1. Common Pastry terminology
  2. Sanitation and safety practices in pastry production
  3. Baking tools and utensils and equipment
  4. Weighing and measuring in baking
  5. Panning, Baking and Cooling
  6. Pastry doughs (flaky and short crust)
  7. Pie assembly and baking
  8. Pastry and Pie fillings
  9. Rough Puff pastry
  10. Éclair Paste, Pate a choux
  11. Meringues
  12. Fruit desserts
  13. Cookie Tarts and decoration


The passing grade for all courses is 50%, or letter grade of P (Pass) or S (Satisfactory) unless otherwise noted below. The passing weighted average for promotion through each semester of a program is 60% and is a requirement to graduate.

Evaluation is comprised of:

80% practical skills

10% assignments

10% quizzes

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