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Fruit & Vegetable Carving & Plating


By the end of the course students will have learnt the techniques needed to be able to carve various fruits and vegetables creatively and confidently into delicate patterns, flowers etc to use as garnishes, fruit platters and decorations.


On successful completion of this course, student will be able to:

  • Hold and correctly use a carving knife
  • Understand how to preserve fruits and vegetables in fresh state
  • Demonstrate carving and garnishing techniques
  • Develop new ideas and patterns
  • Avoid common mistakes normally made by beginning Fruit and Vegetable Carvers


Week 1:

Introduction to fruits and vegetable carving

  • Ingredients: 6 oranges, 6 apples, 6 tomatoes 6 cucumbers, 10 carrots

Week 2:

Edible Fruit Bouquet

  • Ingredients: pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, strawberry, orange

Week 3:

Edible Flower Bouquet

  • Ingredient: carrot, red beets, cucumber, butternut squash daikon

Week 4:

Watermelon Carving

  • Ingredients: watermelon for each person

Week 5:


  • Ingredients: watermelon for each person

Week 6:

Final Assessment

Course Materials

  • Videos, handouts, PowerPoint


  • 6 weeks – TBC

Methods of Assessment

Continuous Assessment to be graded as follows
  • Weekly assessment of skills and techniques demonstrated – 50 %
  • Attendance and participation – 10 %
  • Final Project work displayed – 40 %
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