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The Distinguished Lecture Series 2024

Thursday, Feb 01 2024

Special Guest Speaker: Professor Nathan Connolly, Herbert Baxter Adams Associate Professor of History, Johns Hopkins University

New Date and Time: 1 February 2024 at 6pm

Location: The Sir Vassel Johnson Hall, UCCI

In the inaugural lecture of our series, we pay tribute to the remarkable Mr. Ormond L. Panton (1920-1992), a figure of monumental significance in the political landscape of the Cayman Islands. 

As a true national hero, Mr. Panton devoted his life to championing the rights and welfare of the socially and politically underserved communities within our islands.

A distinguished attorney, Mr. Panton embarked on his political journey within the Vestry, the precursor to our current Legislative Assembly, fervently advocating for the voices of ordinary Caymanians. His relentless efforts yielded groundbreaking achievements, notably securing the right to a fair trial in 1955, a cornerstone of justice and democracy. His historic appearance before the UK Privy Council marked him as a pioneer, a first for a Caymanian, underlining his commitment to legal fairness and representation.

Beyond his legal triumphs, Mr. Panton was a trailblazer in political organization, founding the Cayman Islands' first political party – the National Democratic Party. This was not merely a political movement; it was a clarion call for inclusivity, representing the marginalized and non-white citizens who sought recognition and empowerment in a changing society. His vision extended to the broader Caribbean context, where he supported the idea of independence from Britain through the West Indies Federation in the 1960s, a stance that highlighted his forward-thinking and sometimes controversial perspective on national identity and self-governance.


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