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Digital Literacy (for Adults)

Digital Literacy

Target AudienceDigital Literacy is for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of using digital technologies and computers.
ObjectiveThis course will develop student’s confidence and skills for life online, whether study, work, or everyday life. It explores a range of digital skills and practices, including digital identity, digital well-being, staying safe and legal, finding and using information and online tools, and dealing with information overload.
FocusThe importance of developing a critical approach to life online is emphasised throughout, whether consuming or creating information. Students will be encouraged to reflect on your own situation and to apply what they learn to real-life scenarios, using digital skills learned in the process. 

Students will learn the following:

  • Work with Computers
  • Access information online
  • Communicate online
  • Participate safely and responsibly online
  • Create digital content
  • Collaborate and manage content digitally
AchievementUCCI Certificate of Achievement
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