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Programme Director – Technical, Vocational, Education and Training (TVET)

No of Position
Full Time
Application Deadline
13 Jun, 2024
Salary Range
KYD $81,252.00 - $ 109,296.00 per annum.

Job Description

The Programme Director –TVET is responsible for the development, direction, supervision, fiscal management, and promotion of the TVET Division.

Requirements of Job

See below…

This full-time position requires curriculum management, student and faculty recruitment and retention, student advisement, scholarship, and service to the department, college, university, profession and community, and the overall administration of the TVET Division. This position involves direct collaboration with administrators, faculty and staff in planning and directing the University College goals and objectives. The position is responsible for creating and sustaining an environment of academic and professional excellence for students and faculty and a collaborative working environment with educational team members. The post holder leads and directs workforce development and community education services through coordination with business and industry leaders


  • Master’s Degree within the technical, vocational education and training sector or a related field. 
  • Minimum three (3) years teaching experience in higher education; 
  • Minimum three years’ experience developing TVET programmes and/or curriculum; 
  • Experience or qualifications relevant to oversight of the PTET programmes and services;
  • Ability to demonstrate sensitivity to and an understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds of university students, including those with physical and/or learning disabilities.
  • Strong knowledge of human capital development trends in the PTET sector 
  • Considerable skill to independently analyze and make recommendations regarding programs, procedures, and operations regarding areas of responsibility.
  • Considerable interpersonal, verbal, presentation, and written communication skills with the ability to communicate and interact with all levels of staff, administration, and stakeholders in a diverse community.
  • Considerable skill to work independently with minimal supervision in a team-based environment.
  • Working skill in the use of databases, spreadsheet applications, and word processing, preferably with Microsoft Office applications.

Experience and Skills

  • Must have strong presentation skills with the ability to speak comfortably to large audiences and also in a one-on-one environment;
  • Problem-solving and decision-making ability;
  • Strong project management skills – the ability to establish priorities among multiple tasks;
  • Excellent stakeholder engagement, interpersonal and communication skills and a commitment to collaborative and collegial processes;
  • Accreditation experience preferred; 
  • Ability to manage the budget, resources and infrastructure of the PTET and produce related reports;
  • Ability to provide strategic direction within the School, consistent with Faculty and UCCI plans and policies;
  • Ability to lead and develop academic staff in teaching, research, projects and professional activities;
  • Demonstrated experience in negotiations and new business development;


Institutional Commitment

  1. Service – promotes the social and intellectual growth of all students at UCCI.
  2. Professionalism – recognizes diversity in UCCI’s organizational culture; understands department and UCCI policies and promotes an environment conducive to learning; demonstrates professional conduct in discussing and dealing with internal issues; maintains balance of work and personal life while engaging in new knowledge to enhance personal growth and skills; and adheres to UCCI policies regarding social conduct, attendance, and dress code.
  3. Privacy and Confidentiality – engage in a confidential and professional manner in all conversations, written and electronic information regarding students, and in accordance with UCCI’s privacy and legal requirements.
  4. Communication – maintains good relationships with UCCI’s clients including the students, visitors, other colleagues, and external stakeholders even when facing pressure situations and when confronted.
  5. Commitment to colleagues – shows respect for colleagues; and provides constructive feedback when needed.

Accountabilities Specific to the Role

Student Affairs

  1. Prepares course/class schedules for the Dean's review and approval;
  2. Proposes curricula changes for the VP/Provost review and approval; 
  3. Develops and implements advisement approaches in accordance with UCCI’s advisement strategy, with the assistance of department faculty, to ensure that new and returning students are properly advised about the programmes and courses within his or her department;
  4. Responds to student appeals/complaints in accordance with UCCI’s complaints and appeals procedures and the regulatory body stipulations;
  5. Create and maintain an environment conducive to the teaching and learning process – internal and external;
  6. Promotes the general welfare of students and ensures that environmental health, safety, and access requirements are met; and
  7. Ensures that a responsive student-centered focus in Department activities is fostered.

Academic Leadership

  1. Provides strategic direction for the programme, consistent with Faculty and University plans and policies, and programme regulatory body requirements;
  2. Leads programme reviews and assists with accreditations initiatives;
  3. Develops, implements, and revises departmental policies and documents. e.g. Student handbook, and policy manuals in accordance with the University and regulatory body requirements;
  4. Creates and executes a strategic plan for the hospitality school development.
  5. Designs and develops education programmes for hospitality certificate, associate and bachelor’s degree programmes.
  6. Develops technical skills and work experience for career opportunities in the hospitality industry.
  7. Identifies and creates opportunities to increase the number of students in the hospitality school programmes, relevant to the needs of the hospitality sector and the tourism industry.
  8. Collaborates with UCCI and private sector organizations to design and develop programme based on the needs of the hospitality and tourism industry.
  9. Provides critical input to assist with the strategic planning and implementation of projects to be implemented at the school.
  10. Collaborates with the private sector to create innovative ways to develop work-study opportunities and/or internships they will support for students.
  11. Establishes and maintains key partnerships with the private and public sectors for the implementation of the Hospitality School.
  12. Conducts research on hospitality programmes, and curriculums to provide guidance on the development of the school administrative/operational structure, curriculum and accredited programmes.
  13. Prepares briefings and presents information to individuals and groups of varying sizes at varying levels of leadership (Must be comfortable presenting to c-suite level audiences).
  14. Develops awareness and promotional campaigns for hospitality school programmes.
  15. Develops roles and responsibilities for administrative and academic staff.
  16. Performs periodic reviews of the hospitality school programmes with UCCI and the Advisory Council.
  17. Directs, administers, implements, and promotes the daily operations of the programme;
  18. Evaluate student outcomes and document learning progress;
  19. Provides effective collegial processes for the planning, development and monitoring of the programme’s academic activities, including student and faculty orientation;
  20. Provides consultative planning and quality assurance processes to set objectives and implement strategies;
  21. Encourages collaboration within and with other academic departments of the University, external stakeholders
  22. Promotes the UCCI’s links with communities, the tourism industry and related professions to enhance the Department’s programme;
  23. Promotes excellence in the division’s teaching, research, scholarly and professional activities, and supports the development of staff to achieve such excellence;

Communications, Marketing & Outreach

  1. Fosters community outreach and provides liaison with area schools, tourism-related businesses and industries, and the public sector to promote, develop and articulate tourism-related instructional offerings;
  2. Designs and conducts local area needs assessment for planning social work offerings according to needs;
  3. Be an active community member by participating in relevant community organizations;
  4. Establishes and actively maintains collaborative and collegial working relationships with administrative counterparts and constituent leadership;
  5. Works with the marketing department and community in the design, marketing and promotion of educational programmes based upon assessment of needs and trends within the community.


  1. Assists with the development and management of the resources and infrastructure of the programme;
  2. Manages the budgetary allocation of the programme within approved guidelines established by the UCCI.


Faculty service expectations and requirements, as agreed to with the Dean and/or Provost & Vice President – Academic Affairs, include engagement in leadership, management, administration, collegial activities, pastoral care within the University College, and/or being engaged on behalf of the University College with the wider community. The quality of contributions is part of the annual performance appraisal process and influences contract renewal and ranking and promotion processes. 

Examples of service obligations:

  1. Proactive contribution to duties in a division, committee(s) or the University.
  2. Demonstrated contribution to raising the division or University College profile through external networks in the subject or professional area and/or through the creation and development of teaching, commercial or industrial partnerships;
  3. Leadership role in national, regional or international professional organizations;
  4. Service to Government task Forces or Boards as approved by the University College;
  5. Leadership in national/technical/task forces and committees as Chairperson;
  6. Evidence of peer group recognition of exceptional service-related accomplishments;
  7. Semesterly fulfillment of advising responsibilities to students;
  8. Effective leadership in content area or subject matter role within the Department or University;
  9. Promoting the cause of a subject and/or a division or the University;
  10. Managing programmes and projects;
  11. Assisting with recruitment, admissions and orientations;
  12. Chairing and participating in University College committees and activities
  13. Liaising with local schools or community organizations and giving career advice;
  14. Development of innovative programmes or procedures within a discipline;
  15. Delegated administrative or planning work successfully undertaken in the division or University College; Including course approval processes, new faculty search, orientation, selection and mentorship processes, peer reviews; curriculum review and instruction;
  16. Participation in institutional and/or division development via committee work and other forms of service;
  17. Service to professional societies, committees pertaining to higher education or a particular discipline, formed and appointed by the government and/or academic associations;
  18. Working with students outside regular class time;
  19. Extending the resources of the University to the wider community;
  20. Public representations on behalf of the University in an official or professional capacity;
  21. Participation in University governance;
  22. Fundraising at the request of the Office of the President & CEO;
  23. Club or extracurricular faculty advisor.

Other Accountabilities

  1. Participates in academic enterprise activities;
  2. Engages in an annual performance evaluation;
  3. Participates in program review and quality assurance processes in support of the division’s and Ministry of Tourism’s plans;
  4. Complies with occupational health and safety policies and procedures as developed by the University College of the Cayman Islands and the Ministry of Tourism in accordance with current legislation;
  5. Performs other duties assigned by the designee and/or Deputy Chief Officer.


Salary: KYD $81,252.00 - $ 109,296.00 (Grade H) per annum. 

Benefits: 25 days’ vacation, In addition to Two (2) weeks at Christmas.

Deadline: June 13, 2024

How to apply:

Submit a cover letter and CV to along with three (3) professional references. 

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

Preference will be given to Residents of the Cayman Islands. 

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