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Grand Cayman Campus

168 Olympic Way, PO Box 702
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands KY1-1107

Brac Campus

Avistar Building, West End
Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands KY2-2100

+1 (345)-623-0548

Grand Cayman Campus

UCCI’s main campus is in Grand Cayman. It sits on an enclosed space of approximately 3.5 acres situated off Walkers Road, adjacent to the Truman Bodden Sports Complex, on Olympic Way. Here are some of the campus' features:

  • The Layman Scott Technology Building consists of workshops for electrical installation training, construction, woodwork, air conditioning and plumbing, the maintenance manager’s office and the student lounge.
  • The Tourism Apprenticeship Kitchen provides School of Hospitality Studies students the space to practice the latest in culinary trends and techniques.
  • The Dr. Wm. (Bill) Hrudey Observatory houses a world-class solar telescope as well as a night viewing telescope.
  • The Benson Ebanks Technical/Administration Building has the One-Stop Centre on its ground floor, where admissions, financial aid, IT and Student Life are located. Staff offices, and most administrative offices are on the second floor, including the offices of the president, the provost, finance and accounting, marketing, public relations and alumni, and the registrar.
  • The Dual Enrolment Tutorial Room offers support services for high-school-aged students taking courses at UCCI.
  • The Sybil McLaughlin Business Studies Building houses faculty offices, a computer laboratory, seven classrooms and the student services office.
  • The James Bodden General Studies Building has four classrooms and laboratories for chemistry, biology and microbiology, was well as the Cisco NetAcad computer center.
  • The Sir Vassel Johnson Multi-Purpose Hall provides students with academic facilities, a computer lab with access to the internet, sporting facilities and a canteen. It also serves as a venue for meetings and university college functions, and as a hurricane shelter. A small rental fee is charged to the public for its use.
  • The Sam Basdeo Learning Resource Centre/Library has a wide collection of books, other resource materials, including computers, to support learning. It also has meeting rooms for tutoring services and student activities. The student bookstore is also located here.
  • The UCCI School of Nursing houses a clinical laboratory, a resource room and the director's office.

The University of the West Indies open campus also has a building located on site.

Cayman Brac Campus

The University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) made history in 2008 with an unprecedented initiative to establish a satellite campus in Cayman Brac, enabling the people of the sister island to pursue tertiary education. Catering to the needs of both high school-leavers and mature residents already in the workforce, the Brac Campus offers adequate and affordable preparation for transfer to overseas universities, provides technical and vocational courses that bridge gaps in the local business sector, and empowers students to achieve their personal goals of higher learning and further education.

Many of the younger students, newly graduated from Lehman Scott High School,  are not ready to leave the island to continue their studies overseas, and so the Brac campus enables them to pursue self-directed study at the same time they are gaining the maturity to handle the culture of a large university.

In addition, there are many adults on the Brac who are working full time and unable to leave their families to study off island. Many members of the older generation never had the chance to earn a degree. Now they can. In addition, those who work for government and government agencies can obtain a degree through the Civil Service College programmes that are available on the Brac. Also, the new certificate in public administration for civil servants was recently introduced and has proven to be very popular.

Through the interactive Polycom video systems, students on the Brac campus experience real-time interactive lectures from Grand Cayman. This, of course, is in addition to the ‘live’ classes that are offered through adjunct professors on the Brac. The Brac campus also offers an extensive list of continuing education courses, ranging from English as a second language and very basic English, to obtaining or upgrading CXCs, and even recreational courses such as swimming. Other certificate programmes are also available, one example being the electrical engineering certificate.

Several students who completed their studies exclusively in the Brac, have already joined graduates from the main campus to receive their associate-degree diplomas. Brac students consistently make the dean’s and president’s lists.

UCCI continues its commitment to the students of Cayman Brac by providing a better campus and seeking to improve its facilities by working with the Ministry of Education and  the wider community. Currently, the campus has six classrooms, two of which are Polycom fitted. It also boasts a library, student lounge, boardroom and a computer lab, which was enhanced recently with four state-of-the-art computers donated by Maples and Calder.

Future plans include a marine science course. It is believed that students from overseas would be attracted to the Brac to take short- and medium-term, total-immersion courses, which would involve the local diving community and provide an economic boost to the island.

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