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Introduction to Astronomy

Target AudienceGet a comprehensive overview of the grandest of all subjects-the universe-in this brilliant and fascinating course.
ObjectiveSince ancient times, mankind has gazed up at the night sky and wondered. How large is the Universe? How old is it? Did it have a beginning, and if so, how old is it? Will it have an end? How did the Earth form and how did life originate? In this class, we will delve into these deep mysteries. We will discuss what modern astronomers have learned about the nature of the Universe, as well as viewing the night sky.
FocusIntroduces concepts about the Universe around us.

Students will learn the following:

  • Describe current scientific thinking as to how the Universe originated, what it is composed of, and how it will eventually end.
  • Have a solid appreciation of the enormous diversity of important length and timescales in the cosmos.
  • Have achieved a high degree of scientific literacy.
  • Developed broad expertise in basic astronomy, and have a deeper appreciation of astronomical developments which are reported in the press.
  • Have an appreciation for how life on Earth is intricately tied to the evolution of the cosmos.
AchievementUCCI Certificate of Achievement
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