Online Application for Admission

Online Application for Admission

Please read the following information before proceeding to the online Application for Admission:

  1. YOU MUST APPLY ONLINE: All prospective UCCI students must complete the online Application for Admission. Please click the “Apply Now” button below to setup your user profile and then complete your application via our online admissions platform. You must upload all required documents to the portal. Our Admissions Team will review your application once you have submitted it. You should only apply once. Call the Admissions Office if you need to confirm that your account has been created or further support.


    • Set up your user profile on the online admissions portal:
    • Submit your online Application for Admissions (containing ONE VALID email address)
    • Submit your Required Documents online (please note these may vary for different student types; your online application will contain guidance):
      1. Copy of your Passport
      2. Official High School / University Transcript
      3. Acknowledgement Letter (Caymanians) / Immigration Documentation (Non-Caymanians)
      4. Certified copy of External Examination Grades
      5. Mature Applicants (over 21 without academic qualifications, but with work experience): In lieu of grades, you may submit a letter from your employer which states the number of years of employment and which clearly indicates its relation to the intended field of study.


    • Your application fee is non-refundable and can be paid via telephone at 623-8224 with a member of the Admissions Team:
      1. CI$50 for all graduate degree programmes
      2. CI$25 for all other courses at UCCI 


  4. ADMISSIONS DECISIONS: After your application has been submitted and your application fee payment has been made; you should allow time for review and processing by the Admissions Team. Please note that admissions decisions will ONLY be communicated through the online portal. Check the online portal for your official acceptance letter; and if you are successful you will need to confirm that you accept the offer. After you have accepted the offer, you will be issued additional information to help you begin your studies at UCCI.


  5. NOT FOR COURSE REGISTRATION: Are you trying to register for courses? Oops, you're in the wrong spot! This area is for applying for admission to UCCI. Once you have been accepted as a student at UCCI, visit the class registration page to find out how to register for courses.


Have you read the above information carefully?

If yes, then you are ready to proceed:

(Note: if you have difficulty accessing our online application portal or have any questions about the admissions process, please contact our Admissions Team, at (345) 623-8224 – extension #1, or email for further assistance).