Online Application for Admission

Online Application for Admission



Please read the following information before proceeding to the online Application for Admission:


  1. YOU MUST APPLY ONLINE: All prospective UCCI students must complete the online Application for Admission. Please complete every field and review your responses carefully to ensure accuracy.

  2. APPLY ONLY ONCE: Have you ever completed an online Application for Admission to UCCI in the past? If yes, please do NOT complete another online application - there is no need to re-apply. Simply stop by the Admin Office and we will be pleased to assist you. 

  3. NOT FOR COURSE REGISTRATION: Are you trying to register for courses? Oops, you're in the wrong spot! This area is for applying for admission to UCCI. Once you have been accepted as a student at UCCI, visit the class registration page to find out how to register for courses.

  4. ONE VALID EMAIL ADDRESS: When completing the online Application for Admissions, you must provide ONE (and only one) valid email address. Failure to do so will render your application invalid.

  5. COMPLETE THE PROCESS: Your application to UCCI will not be complete until you have submitted the following to the Admin Office:

    • Your printed & signed Application for Admissions (containing ONE VALID email address)
    • Passport-Sized Full Face Photo
    • High School Transcript
    • Certified copy of External Examination Grades
    • Mature Applicants (over 21 without academic qualifications, but with work experience): In lieu of grades, you may submit a letter from your employer which states the number of years of employment and which clearly indicates its relation to the intended field of study.
    • Non-Refundable Application Fee:
    • CI$50 for all graduate degree programmes
    • CI$25 for all other courses at UCCI
  6. ACCEPTANCE: If your application is approved, you will receive an official acceptance letter from the Registrar's office, confirming your acceptance to UCCI. Your acceptance letter will include your Student ID number - please keep this letter in your files, as you will be asked to provide your Student ID regularly throughout your time at UCCI (in particular, you will need to know your Student ID number in order to access grades and for routine correspondence with UCCI).


Have you read the above information carefully?

If yes, then you are ready to proceed:

(Note: if you have difficulty accessing our online application form, please contact our Admissions Coordinator, at (345) 623-0567 or email for further assistance).