Our Institution

Transformative. Inclusive. Nation-building.

For almost 45 years, the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) has been transforming the lives of Cayman's residents as the nation's premier provider of post secondary education. Established as a Community College in 1975, our historic beginnings were fueled by the changing needs of our society. 

Today, UCCI has evolved into Cayman's choice for comprehensive tertiary education, offering innovative programmes that prepare students for a lifetime of personal and professional successes. With a variety of certificates, undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as continuing and professional education and workforce training programmes; we are prepared to assist students at any chapter of their story.

UCCI believes in a holistic approach to education. We seek to provide high-impact teaching and learning, and student life enriched by leadership development, co-curricular activities and a host of support services.

We celebrate our students’ successes and are proud to be a part of building our nation. UCCI is where education and real-world experiences converge to create the best academic setting for all who wish to have access to quality education in Cayman.

Join our thriving intellectual community of 1200 students and 70 full-time faculty and staff members representing 30 nationalities and a kaleidoscope of expertise. Whatever you want to become, do, or achieve; start your success story at UCCI.


Strategic Plan

To achieve its purpose as a cornerstone for prosperity in the Cayman Islands, UCCI has outlined a robust 5-year Strategic Plan that focuses on the vision for a suitably resourced, student-centred institution that serves as an engine for economic development, innovation and social change.


The University College of the Cayman Islands’ mission is to provide higher learning that contributes to the Cayman Islands and global societies by advancing knowledge and developing innovative graduates through its educational, cultural and social activities.


  • Across stakeholder groups, UCCI is celebrated as the nation’s public university system — a core institution that shapes and enables inclusive economic development and innovation and is instrumental in solving the most pressing economic and social problems.
  • By providing a student-focused, dynamic, affordable and accessible education, UCCI is the foremost contributor to delivering on the nation’s commitment to providing economic and social mobility for all.
  • Across established and emerging industry sectors, UCCI is known for delivering cutting-edge education and training that empowers employees and builds the capacity and productivity of organisations enhancing the nation’s ability to attract and retain business and capital while ensuring a favorable quality of life.
  • Student achievement has soared at every level in the Cayman Islands as aspiring students vie for admission into UCCI’s foremost programs and articulated pathways into the local and global workforce.

Core Values

  • Equal Education Opportunities
  • Enhancing Employability
  • Advancing Awareness and Involvement in Society
  • Holistic Education & Meaningful Interactions
  • Success and Self-Realization of Persons Residing in Cayman
  • Character Building
  • Inspiring & Enriching the Lives of its Faculty, Staff and Students
  • Open, Accountable Decision Making, Communication & Teamwork & Good Governance
  • An Environment that Fosters Diversity and Inclusivity



The University College of the Cayman Islands is accredited by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). UCCI's business and management programmes are accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). The Nursing Council of Jamaica (NCJ) provides accreditation for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing.

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Quality education that provides the best value for money.

UCCI offers a variety of programmes in the undergraduate, graduate and certificate levels. Technical and vocational, professional and continuing education courses are also available.

Take advantage of UCCI's international partnerships to experience semesters in the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Spain and other countries.