Transient Students

You’re a Transient Student!

We are happy to have you join us.

If you are a Caymanian/Qualified Resident who is attending another university (overseas or local); and would like to spend a semester or two at UCCI, see your next steps and information below. You can also read about our Transient Registration Policy.

If you are an International Student seeking to pursue your studies at UCCI for a semester or two, you can view our information for International Students for your next steps. You can also read about our Transient Registration Policy.

If you are an International Student who currently attends a tertiary institution that has partnered with UCCI to facilitate study abroad experiences; view our information for Study Abroad Partners for your next steps. You’ll also need to complete our Study Abroad Partner Form.

How do I apply?

  • See the “Programmes” section below to know what programmes are offered to High School Leavers. Review these programmes to choose which you’ll want to pursue.
  • While you’re looking at the programmes, also review the “Admissions Criteria” you’ll need to meet before you’re eligible to join your programme of choice.
  • After you’ve reviewed the Programmes and the Admissions Criteria, look at the “Next Steps” (listed below) for a step-by-step guide on how to complete your application to UCCI.
  • Use our “Admissions Checklist” (listed below) to ensure that you have all the Required Documents for your application to be complete.
  • Submit your Application Form and Required Documents in time to meet the “Important Deadlines” (listed below). This helps to ensure your application can be processed in time for the semester you wish to start studying at UCCI.

The Application Process

If you are an International Student or Study Abroad Partner, follow the next steps for International Students or the next steps for Study Abroad Partners. You can also review our Transient Registration Policy on this page.

If you are a Caymanian/Qualified Resident, you can follow the below Application Process for Transient Students:

1. Make Your Choice.

2. Apply Online.

  •  Visit the UCCI website to complete the Application Form and the Student Assessment Form. Be mindful of the Important UCCI Deadlines listed below. Use the below Admissions Checklist to ensure that you have all the Required Documents ready to submit in time to meet the Important Deadlines listed below.

3. Complete Your Application.

  • Email the UCCI Admissions Office to submit the printed/signed Student Assessment Form and the Application Form along with the Required Documents and Application Fee. Use the Admissions Checklist below to ensure that you bring all required documents.
    • (If you are currently based in the Cayman Islands you can visit the UCCI Admissions Office to submit these items).

4. Your Acceptance Letter.

  • When you receive your Acceptance Letter, follow all instructions listed to prepare yourself for the academic journey ahead.

5. Register for Classes.

  • Follow up with the UCCI Admissions Team to pay and register for classes.

6. Visit the UCCI Student Life Office

  • Visit our Student Life Office before your classes begin. You’ll be connected to student support services and assistance as you pursue your studies with UCCI.
    • (If you are based in the Cayman Islands for the Fall UCCI New Student Orientation session, you are welcome to attend and to meet other students who will be starting classes.)

7. Join UCCI.

  • Congratulations on being accepted to UCCI. You can now be on your way to achieving success. Be sure to check in with our Student Life Office to ensure a smooth transition to UCCI.


Your application is only complete when all required documents are received. Ensuring that you have all the required documents is key. Save valuable time and resources by using our Admissions Checklist.



1 Transient Students who are Caymanians/Qualified Residents will need to submit their Proof of Caymanian Status to access the local rate; alternatively, International Transient Students will need to submit Immigration Documentation at least three (3) months prior to your requested semester of entry.

2 Submit any External Examination Passes that you currently have and any new passes that will be released to you.

3 You need to submit your Official High School Transcript

4 Additional Documents may be required by your programme of choice. If you are applying for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, please read the additional requirements you need to satisfy. If you are applying for an Associate of Arts in Social Work a personal interview is required.

5 If you are an International Student seeking to attend UCCI for one or two semesters, view our Transient Registration Policy so that you can register.

6 Prospective students (excluding Dual Enrolment Students) can elect to take the UCCI Placement Examination to determine what programme they are eligible to join, based on their exam results. Contact to confirm the next exam date.

7 If you are a current/returning student seeking to matriculate into another programme you will need to submit a Conversion Form.

8 If you are a Returning Student who has paused your studies at UCCI for 1+ year, you will need to complete a Readmission Form.

Student Resources

Important Deadlines

Students can submit their online Application Form at any time. However, we highly recommend that prospective students apply by the priority deadlines to ensure there is time to process your application in advance of the semester you wish to enter. Here are those dates:

Fall semester entry

  • May 31st - Application Deadline for International Students & Transient (Overseas) Students to apply online
  • June 30th - Application Deadline for Caymanians & Qualified Residents apply online

Check our Academic Calendar for dates of New Student Orientation, the Class Registration period and Class start dates for your semester of entry.

Other Requirements

You may have other requirements based on your Student Type if you are a:

  • First Year Student
  • Study Abroad Partner
  • Adult Learner
  • Non-Degree Seeking Student
  • Returning Student
  • Graduate Student

You may have other requirements based on your Programme:

  • A personal interview is required for all Certificate Programmes, the Pre-College Matriculation Programme, Nursing Programmes, Social Work Programmes, the Bachelor of Science in Primary Education, the Postgraduate Certificate in Education & Graduate Programmes. Some programmes will also require a personal essay. Review your programme to see if there are Other Requirements you need to satisfy.


Do you have additional questions? You can visit our Frequently Asked Questions section to read more.