Graduate Students

Authentic leadership has never been more important. UCCI’s graduate programmes are designed to connect professional ability with critical soft skills, the foundation for effective leadership and greater career success.


Admissions Checklist

Your application is only complete when all required documents are received. Ensuring that you have all the required documents is key. Save valuable time and resources by using our Admissions Checklist.



Required documents vary based on your programme of choice, immigration status or student type.  It is best to review the UCCI website to determine what additional documents you need to submit.

1 Access the rate for Caymanians/Qualified Residents by providing your Proof of Caymanian Status. If you are an International Student, your Tuition & Fees will differ.

2 Submit any External Examination Passes that you currently have and any new passes that will be released to you.

3 You may need to submit your Official High School Transcript if you are seeking to transfer college credits to UCCI. You will need to submit an Official University Transcript from your former institution in order to begin an evaluation of transfer credits.

4 Dual Enrolment Students must submit their approved Year 12 Dual Entry Programme Form.

5 Adult Learners and Continuing Education Students may be required to submit a Job Letter.

6 Additional Documents may be required by your programme of choice. Check our UCCI website to be sure of what is needed.