UCCI Announces Commencement Speaker and Honorary Degree Recipient



UCCI Announces Commencement Speaker and Honorary Degree Recipient

The University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) celebrated its commencement ceremony on 7 November 2019. The ceremony was held at the Sir Vassel Johnson Hall and honoured the achievements of more than 173 graduating students. The graduates represent more than 14-degree programmes including Degrees and Certificates in Business, Hospitality, Sciences Education, Public Administration, Social Studies, Engineering Technology and Social Work.

UCCI was honoured to have Ms. Shari Slate as keynote speaker of this year’s graduation ceremony. Ms. Slate, Cisco Vice President, Chief Inclusion & Collaboration has roots in Cayman Brac and is a respected and highly regarded business leader. The ceremony also awarded Dr. Orman Panton with an Honorary Degree. Dr. Panton is the son of Caymanian National hero, the Honourable Ormond Panton, and Mrs. Naomi Panton. Even though he currently practices in Canada, he has continued to maintain strong ties to his home and continues to give back to the community where he grew up and the community where he was trained.

President and CEO Dr. Stacy McAfee emphasized that “Graduates from UCCI have a unique professional identity and a set of values and beliefs that will allow them to continue their quest for lifelong learning and distinguish themselves in their chosen paths.

Ms. Shari Slate addressed the graduands stating “I feel so deeply connected to your journey. Where you sit in this moment and where you go from here; there is a bridge. It’s the Bridge to your possible. Bridges lift you and they carry you. Their spans deliver across divides allowing your journeys to continue.

“Your academic accomplishments, they are the foundation to your bridge to possible. What may be a little scary and I hope exciting is that you don’t know where your bridge will take you, you don’t know where it will lead, but what I can tell you, is that unlike any class that has come before have the potential for your bridge to take you to the places you want to go and to places you have never been. UCCI has prepared you to build your bridge to possible.”  Ms. Slate stated

Dr. Panton who was the Honorary Degree recipient was also able to address the crowd. “I am grateful to the University College of the Cayman Islands for this Honorary Doctorate of Science. I am ever so grateful to be recognized and I wish all of our recent graduands a big congratulations.”

Among the achievements, Mr. Roy Bush a member of our Alumni Board was able to graduate with Associate of Arts in Public Administration with Honours. Mr. Bush’s son, Kai Bush also participated in the ceremony to receive his Associate Science Degree in Sciences with Honours.

Since UCCI was established, it has become a leading provider of higher education in the country, graduating every year young professionals with the knowledge and skills that are highly required by the regional and global job market. UCCI graduates’ positions in major public and private sector positions as well as their continuation of studies in well-known universities abroad is the best evidence of their academic and professional preparedness.

UCCI offers dual diplomas to students who wish to obtain the local degree in addition to US and UK accredited degrees respectively. If you are interested in starting your success story at UCCI, visit our website at ucci.edu.ky or set up an appointment with our admissions team by calling 623-0567.