UCCI’s President recognized by Diversity Woman’s Magazine



UCCI’s President recognized by Diversity Woman’s Magazine

The University College of the Cayman Islands has been recognized by Diversity Woman’s magazine for its first female president and CEO Dr. Stacy McAFee. After a rigorous year long search for a visionary leader for the university Dr. Stacy McAfee joined UCCI. Since then a transformation of the university’s strategic plan and core goals has been put in place. These plans all aim to strategically place the university to becoming the nation building, transformative and inclusive institution that provides top quality education for the Cayman Islands.

Since becoming President and CEO Dr. Stacy McAfee and the university staff have set out to create a campus that is fueled by like-minded individuals. As the university strives to support its mission. Women’s Diversity Magazine was able to capture the journey of Dr. McAfee. Please see the insert below.

Diversity Woman Magazine

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