UCCI Brings New Student Orientation to Brac Campus



L-R: UCCI President and CEO, Dr. Stacy McAfee, Ashlee Walton, Lesly Lopez, Jenna Grant, Belinda Sanford, Dilan Tatum, Hon. Julianna, O’Connor- Connolly, Minister of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture and Lands and Dr. Livingston Smith, UCCI Vice President and Provost.

New Student Orientation (NSO) at the UCCI Brac Campus was held for the first time on Saturday September 14, 2019. New students along with their parents and families were greeted by The Hon Julianna, O’ Connor- Connolly,  Minister of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture and Lands, UCCI President and CEO Dr. Stacy McAfee and other members of UCCI Staff.

The Hon Julianna, O’ Connor-Connolly,  Minister of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture and Lands, attended the session and was able to generously gift five students with CI$250.00 vouchers towards their tuition. The monetary gift was an encouragement to students to get started on their academic journey. 

The Hon Julianna O’Connor-Connolly continued to share her support by saying “I was very enheartened to see the diversity of age groups and genders that attended the Brac New Student Orientation. There is no better way to get started than improving your education. It is one of the guaranteed paths that I know that gives you the opportunity for success.”  

NSO on the Brac Campus was held to prepare students to successfully transition to college. New or returning students were able to get information about the goals, mission, policies, admission requirements and programmes of study available at UCCI.  NSO allowed students and parents to become familiar with the UCCI Brac campus and become a part of the UCCI family.

Dr Stacy McAfee, president and CEO of UCCI stated, ““UCCI is reinventing how we advise, register, orient and engage students. We are so pleased to create a student-centred experience that meets the individual needs of our talented students who attend our Brac campus.”

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