Faculty Recognised for their Commitment to Excellence



UCCI congratulates the following faculty members, who have been promoted after demonstrating achievements in formal qualifications; teaching and learning and/
or curriculum development; professional development; service and/or scholarly activity; and satisfactory performance in their relevant areas.

  1. Mr. Selgin Amador (Assistant Professor, Computer Science)
  2. Dr. Belinda Blessitt-Vincent (Associate Professor and Chair, Business Studies)
  3. Ms. Tanique Dunbar (Senior Lecturer, Hospitality Studies)
  4. Dr. Stephanie Fullerton-Cooper (Associate Professor and Director, Graduate Studies)
  5. Ms. Erica Gordon (Assistant Professor and Chair, Arts and Humanities)
  6. Mrs. Tracey Hargrave (Associate Professor and Chair, Math and Sciences)
  7. Mr. Emerald Mohammed (Assistant Professor, Math and Sciences)
  8. Ms. Annette Murphy (Assistant Professor, Math and Sciences)
  9. Mrs. Susanne Palmer (Assistant Professor, Business Studies)
  10. Mrs. Kadeshah Swearing (Assistant Professor, Business Studies)
  11. Dr. Sandra Lee Samuels (Assistant Professor, Social Sciences)
  12. Dr. Christopher Williams (Assistant Professor and Chair, Social Sciences)
  13. Mrs. Revathy Ravichandran (Senior Lecturer, Computer Science)