J.A Roy Bodden Symposium clarification



J.A Roy Bodden Symposium clarification

The University College of the Cayman Islands would like to offer some clarification in regards to the hosting of the J.A. Roy Bodden Symposium.

Approximately a year ago, a request was made to host this symposium at the UCCI campus. Given the pandemic, with public health and social distancing requirements inclusive of limits on public gatherings, we unfortunately couldn’t consider such events at that time. Similarly, the university was forced to cancel annual events like our STEM Carib conference.

An unfortunate misinterpretation of the reason for this denial may have occurred as no further request for the use of the UCCI campus was made for the J.A. Roy Bodden Symposium this year.

UCCI is proud to be at the heart of the community and hosts external events on a regular basis. With reduction in COVID-19 restrictions, UCCI looks forward to hosting this and other like symposia in the future.