Register for Online Classes this Summer Semester



Register for Online Classes this Summer Semester

UCCI’s student body in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac are now registering for online classes for the Summer 2020 Semester. A new and expanded selection of online classes will be launched for UCCI’s community of approximately 1,200 students. Classes for multiple educational pathways will be available, including classes for: Associate and Bachelor’s degrees; Certificate programmes; and TVET courses.

UCCI’s swift transition to remote classroom instruction has ensured continuity for provision of quality public tertiary education in accordance with Government health and safety mandates to protect all students, staff and faculty. In Summer 2020, classes will be offered exclusively online through Microsoft Teams and Blackboard learning platforms (amongst others) as students prepare to stay steady with Summer studies, in order to be ready for the Fall.

Current UCCI students are encouraged to follow the established process of reviewing the class schedule, submitting payment, and registering for classes through the Blackbaud portal. To enable this process, a virtual registration environment is being created for students to register for classes between April 9th until May 15th. Online classes will start on May 11th.

For prospective students seeking to start their education with UCCI, the application deadline has been extended to May 11th. A new online application portal currently facilitates easy submission of a UCCI application form and allows prospective students to upload all required documents and receive an admissions decision via the portal. Upon acceptance to UCCI, these students will also be directed to complete the virtual registration process by May 15th.

All students, current and prospective, are encouraged to visit for all information regarding their respective registration (or application) process and to view UCCI’s Summer 2020 class schedule.

Those seeking assistance with the virtual class registration experience, are encouraged to contact UCCI at or to call 623-8224 with any Admissions, Registration, Academic, Administrative or IT support questions for which further guidance is required.

COVID-19 developments have significantly informed UCCI’s approach to offering this wide range of student support services. A growing demand to retool students with new skills, expand insightful course offerings for emerging career paths and to provide competitive and convenient educational resources; underpins UCCI’s drive to meet the needs of current and prospective students by extending additional support during a time when it counts most.

To assist our current students in Summer 2020 and beyond, UCCI has extended counselling support, in addition to offering customisable payment plans, self-pay options, and new payment options to help students maintain their financial flexibility while meeting their goals, Scholarship opportunities are also available for Caymanian Students. These include private sector scholarships (with varying application deadlines) and local Government scholarships (which are due by the deadline of April 30th.)

UCCI’s Student Life Office also facilitates needs-based and merit-based UCCI scholarships, in addition to tuition assistance for eligible students, made possible through partnerships with local organisations and dedicated community partners.

To learn more about UCCI’s Summer 2020 semester, the registration process or our support services, please visit or contact us Monday – Thursday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM or Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM. We look forward to helping you continue your educational goals or start your UCCI success story in Summer 2020 as we move forward #UCCIStrong and prepared to build a better future together.