UCCI Kicks Off 2019 with a Positive Outlook



UCCI Kicks Off 2019 with a Positive Outlook

The UCCI community led by new President and CEO Dr. Stacy R. McAfee welcomed 2019 with high hopes, inspired and invigorated to move the institution forward. Addressing her colleagues during her first all faculty/staff meeting, President McAfee articulated her vision for UCCI which included three pillars:

  • Student-centred education
  • Suitably resourced to fulfill our mission
  • Engine for economic development, innovation and social change

"Achieving this vision", she said, "requires that we commit to giving our best each day and that we seek to recognise and utilise the unique gifts and talents of each person at UCCI."

Faculty and staff were delighted by various developments she shared such as the approval of a 5% Cost of Living Allowance and an additional week of vacation for Summer 2019. "Congratulations on this important success that begins to address compensation concerns that have been on all our minds for a while," said Dr. McAfee.

President McAfee has also wasted no time getting to know the students and even their parents once the campus reopened after Christmas break. She plans to set up various opportunities for meaningful conversations with students throughout the year, but also stated that they do not need to wait for these structured events to approach her with their thoughts and ideas on how we can make UCCI a better institution of tertiary education.

Aligned with her new vision for UCCI, President McAfee has already began transforming the campus and making changes that positively affect student experience including refurbished seating areas and a more welcoming courtyard.

In an email message, she told the students that they are the exemplification of what UCCI representsand encouraged them to be mindful of the choices they make as these will strongly influence the professional opportunities they will be able to access moving forward. She underscored the importance of character, motivation and maturity of decision making in achieving success in the workforce, in Cayman, and within their family. "As a result, you will find that I have zero tolerance for those who choose to experiment with drugs or other behaviours that are unsafe for themselves and others. How you conduct yourselves on and off campus reflects directly on you and indirectly on UCCI. You will be expected to act appropriately if you would like to have the honour of being a graduate of UCCI," Dr. McAfee said.

A relational leader, Dr. McAfee shared that she was the first person in her family to earn a college degree and how her education has paved the way for opportunities for transformative changes in her life. She said, "This belief that a lifetime of possibility begins with quality education has motivated me to become your President and CEO and it inspired me to expect that each day we strive to become better."