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A UCCI Graduate education is a first-hand, real time experience that will help you to shape your future endeavours. You don’t just earn a UCCI Master’s degree or graduate certificate, you gain the hands-on experience you need to advance in your current industry or break into your desired field.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

As the Cayman Islands' public university, one of UCCI’s core values speaks to equal education opportunities. This means that not only are there multiple pathways to entry but that we are cognizant of providing an affordable, quality education.

UCCI also offers payment plans which can provide a manageable schedule of payments that fit your budget, allowing you to achieve your goals while staying on track with personal finances.

Payment Plans and their first installments can be processed by debit or credit card through the Finance Team.  Payment plan forms can be found here and upon completion should be emailed to or call 1-345-623-8224.

Apply to the government scholarship before April 30, 2020 here.

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The UCCI Graduate Studies Department offers postgraduate education that spans the spectrum of experience, academic interests, professional goals and schedules of our diverse student population. From specialised degree options in Human Resources, Business and Public Administration and our flexible part-time and Executive Programmes. We continue to deliver transformational experiences for wherever you may be in your career.

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Graduate Studies FAQ’s

Gaining a Master's degree can be a big step towards the future. We understand that you may have a lot of questions and we are here to help with your education. Check out of the FAQ’s that can assist with your graduate programme journey.

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Additional Costs and Sources of Funding

The cost of attending university is an investment in your future career. In addition to tuition fees, some courses involve extra costs like study materials, and equipment. Fortunately, there is a great deal of financial support available to help students meet the cost of their study. The section below provide details of financial support that may be available.

If you are a qualified Caymanian, apply for a Government Scholarship to fund your postgraduate degree. Please visit: Visit for more information on government scholarships.