Allison Anglin

AAS, BSc, University College of the Cayman Islands

Following her promotion to Acting Registrar in Fall 2016, Allison Anglin was confirmed Registrar in the Spring of 2017. The UCCI Alumna's vision for the Registrar's Office is threefold:
(a) For the Registrar’s Office staff, it is that we will continue to provide excellent customer service through various internal and external training initiatives.
(b) For the students, we ensure that all academic records are secure, updated and accurate.
(c) For the University, that we implement policies and procedures which will continue to promote the growth and development of the institution as a whole, with a focus on continuing to be the premier provider of tertiary education in the Cayman Islands. I believe that the University is like a dynamic living, breathing, social entity – all aspects need to function at their optimum for the entity to be healthy and successful.

Allison’s growth with the University College is worth noting. She began as an Associate Degree student in Computer Science in 2007. This led to an internship opportunity with the Graduate Studies department. In 2009, she joined the Office of the Registrar full-time as an Information Officer.

Presently, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management, graduating summa cum laude in 2012. In 2010, while pursuing this degree, she also was promoted to Assistant Accountant. This afforded her the opportunity to work closely with the Chief Financial Officer to develop a deeper understanding of the financial components relating to the operation of the University College.

In 2013, she was promoted to Admissions Coordinator, and was responsible for the UCCI's recruitment activities including visits to secondary schools, conducting interviews and campus tours, and facilitating overseas examinations, English competency exams, and challenge exams.

Allison was an active member of Rotaract Blue Cayman Islands from 2009-2012, where she learned about honing her leadership skills, public speaking and many other personal and professional development tools. She is a member of various internal committees, including Graduation, Honours Convocation, Conferences and the UCCI Million Dollar Initiative.

She recently participated in the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce “Mentoring Cayman” Programme which is a youth development initiative that assists high achieving and motivated high school students to become the next generation of business and community leaders.

Allison recently completed her Master's degree in Higher Education Administration at the Pennsylvania State University.

She enjoys spending quality time with her goddaughters, her dog, Maya, and has discovered a passion for fitness, traveling and the outdoors.