COVID-19 in the Cayman Islands - June 17, 2020 Update

  • Out of 385 tests, 0 positive results were reported.

Government announced that the Cayman Islands enters Level 2 Suppression from Sunday, 21 June 2020. The changes come in three phases on 21 June, 5 July and 19 July.

  • From Sunday 21 June, 2020, persons will no longer be subject to the shelter in place requirements or to restrictions on travelling to certain places on certain days based on their surnames. Persons will however still be required to maintain social distancing requirements and to wear a mask while indoors public places.
  • Neither children nor teachers are required to be tested before going back to school. School openings remain as previously announced after the regular summer holidays.
  • All establishments, institutions, businesses, churches, cinemas, theatres, beauty salons, barbers, spa/masseuse services, medical, dental offices (subject to approval from the Cayman Islands Medical Council), organisations and offices will be able to fully operate and must all observe the social distance requirements and enforce the wearing of masks by customers.

However even though offices can be opened, it is still advisable to have as many people who can continue to work from home.

  • Persons will be now be allowed to exercise at any time but shall be subject to the public meeting and social distance requirements.


  • From Sunday 5 July, 2020, educational institutions and facilities, including summer camps and vacation bible schools, may commence full operations, including social and sporting activities.
  • It should be noted however that sporting activities at an educational institution or facility are subject to the requirement that persons shall not engage in contact sports before 19 July, 2020.

For full press briefing: http://www.gov.ky/portal/page/portal/cighome/pressroom/archive/202006/17-june-covid-19-update