Undergraduate Programmes


UCCI offers three types of Associate degrees. The vocational degree, or Associate of Applied Science (AAS), is designed to offer students specialised training in preparation responsible positions in professional areas. Students completing the AAS may qualify for some advanced standing if they later attend UCCI or other tertiary institutions. The main emphasis of the degree is on specific vocational skills, however.

Transfer degrees, on the other hand, are primarily academic in nature and are intended to prepare students for further studies at the university level. UCCI offers both the Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS). Students who satisfy the requirements for graduation for either of degree will normally have completed the equivalent of the first two years of study towards a Bachelor's degree in the same area of specialisation. Students will be particularly well prepared to continue in UCCI's Bachelor's degree programs.

The number of advanced standing credits a student receives upon transfer will vary according to the policies of the institution that they are transferring to. Students planning on transfer are advised, therefore, to begin making preparations as early as possible.

Advice on transfer of credits may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar.



Degree Programmes Offered

We offer the following Associate and Bachelor Degree Programmes. To view the Degree Plan details for a particular programme, click on the programme name to download the Degree Plan in PDF format:


Associate Degree Programmes


Bachelor Degree Programmes

For the first two years, you will do an Associate degree, except if you already have an Associate, teaching diploma, or Bachelors, then you will enter in the 3rd year of the programme (which is Year 1 of the Bachelor programme).