Student Services

Welcome to UCCI Student Services!

Student Services can help you explore options in your professional and personal pursuits that will keep you sharp and savvy in a competitive and changing world. The following services are available to students at no cost:

Academic Advising

We can help you with staying on track with your degree plan, advising you on course selection and preparing you for graduation


Personal Counseling

Life is complicated and sometimes personal issues arise that can interfere with the learning process. We offer free confidential personal counselling to address such issues as grief, loss, depression, drug or alcohol misuse, family and relationship issues and, financial frustrations. We are always here to serve you and our goal is to help you have the best educational experience possible!


Successful Student Skills Workshops

Register for the 1 credit course called Introduction to College and Survival Skills. Offered at the beginning of each semester, this course will teach you how to train your brain to learn new things, along with practical strategies that will change your life. Create success through positive change and sign on to take this effective and useful course.


Student Clubs and Organisations

Student Services coordinate various clubs and organisations on campus including the Student Representative Council.