President's Office

Welcome to UCCI

Dr. Stacy R. McAfee, President and CEO

At UCCI we believe in the power of your dreams and your ability to achieve them. We believe that the power of your dreams can take you anywhere and we are excited to support your success. Your imagination, combined with newly acquired knowledge, applied in the pursuit of personal and professional goals will put you on the path to success throughout your life. UCCI is supporting the development of an ethos of lifelong learning in the Cayman Islands.

We believe that learning by doing is fundamental to mastery. This type of engaged learning combines the best theory from textbooks, research and faculty lectures and combines it with a vast number of experiential opportunities and practical application. For the last 44 years, we have connected students and alumni to learning experiences that have created a world of opportunities for them and have enriched our nation’s growth and prosperity. Our economy is growing, and we are delivering on our promise of creating pathways to prosperity for all Caymanians and residents.

Each UCCI student is uniquely gifted with a lifetime of experiences that have shaped family and community. I encourage you to be actively engaged in the co-curricular programmes, athletics and community and institutional service initiatives that we have curated for our students because we know they will positively influence your hopes, dreams and aspirations and set you on a path for a lifetime of opportunities.

We are honoured that you have chosen UCCI and want you to know that your dedication to your education will be matched in full by our steadfast commitment to a rich education offered by caring leaders who hold themselves accountable to exceptional accountability and outcomes.

Our commitment to you begins with your first enquiry and continues into your life as you join the ranks of our growing alumni network. Our wide selection of educational offerings from courses, certificates, associate, bachelor’s and graduate degrees and continuing and professional education reflects our mission to provide inclusive educational opportunities for a diverse group of learners. This integrative approach combines technical and vocational education and training in concert with more traditional academic degree programmes, develops talented scholars and skilled practitioners for the full spectrum of Cayman’s diverse and dynamic economy.

You can go anywhere from here! Welcome to UCCI!