ACCA Exams


UCCI is responsible for hosting On-demand examinations for the following papers:

  • Foundation (FIA) qualification - The first seven papers

    • FA1, Recording Financial Transactions
    • MA1, Management Information
    • FA2, Maintaining Financial Records
    • MA2, Managing Costs and Finance
    • FAB, Accountant in Business
    • FMA, Management Accounting
    • FFA, Financial Accounting
  • ACCA Qualification - the first four papers

    • Accountant in Business (AB) (Business & Technology)
    • Management Accounting (MA)
    • Financial Accounting (FA)
    • Corporate and Business Law (LW-ENG) and Corporate and Business Law (LW-GLO).


The fee is KYD$130 for each FIA exam and KYD $150 for each ACCA Qualification exam.



  1. You will need to pre-pay for the online exam sittings through UCCI’s online payment portal
  2. Once you have paid, you will need to email Mrs. Lucille Kong at to confirm your registration, and reserve a date.
  3. Once this is done, your exam token will be created on the day of the exam.
  4. Students should provide ACCA Registration number and their date of birth on registration to facilitate registration in the ACCA system before the day of the exam

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May 3rd - May 11th 2021

June 21st – June 25th 2021

10:00 am to 12:00 pm
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Candice Czeremuszkin , Chair

Diana Creciun, Vice Chair

Nadish Seebaluck, Secretary

Ksenia Vdovina, Member Advocate

Melissa Durant, Student Advocate

For further information do contact Candice Czeremuszkin at or at + 1345 936 9904