Department of Arts & Humanities


Welcome to the Department of Arts and Humanities. We firmly believe it is through pursuing courses in the Arts and Humanities that individuals truly become human as they learn how to express themselves -- whether through the written word, literature, music, art, drama or dance -- and how to interact with and understand others, whether vicariously or live and in living colour!

About the Department

We love to think of ourselves as a service department, as we service all the other departments by providing mandatory courses in English and Spanish for all students. We also offer courses in English Literature, Dance, Art and Music for students in any programme. On completion of courses in the Department of Arts & Humanities, students should:

  1. have developed a base for future intellectual growth;
  2. have developed creative and intellectual curiosity;
  3. have cultivated ethical values;
  4. have a better understanding of themselves and others;
  5. be able to read critically and analytically and make sound judgments;
  6. be able to appreciate their own and other cultures;
  7. be able to communicate effectively in various modes with diverse audiences;
  8. be able to recognize elements of Form/Structure, and Content as a base for critical thinking, writing and assessment of subject readings across genres.


Our Department offers the Associate Degree in Literary Studies. This is a programme for students who are interested in and enjoy English Literature. It also requires focusing on Hispanic culture and language so there are a few Spanish courses included in this programme. The literary study graduate should be able to transfer to any Bachelor's programme in English Literature, Law or any programme which requires a broad literary base. If you enjoy reading and languages, then this programme is for you.


  •  168 Olympic Way, PO Box 702,George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands KY1-1107
  • Phone: +1 345 623 8224
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