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Message from the Director of Research & Publication

It is my pleasure to welcome you!

The University College of the Cayman Islands is principally a teaching institution, but it has a strong interest in research. This keen interest stems from the knowledge that there is a vibrant nexus between excellence in teaching and commitment to research.

There is much to be unearthed about the Caymanian society and certainly the region as a whole. Our research interests are local and regional, but seen within a global prism.

I bring to your attention the objectives of the Research and Publication Office, the University’s peer review Journal and the University’s conferences and distinguished lectures. Of interest also is a research agenda that came out of an important meeting of thought leaders.

Livingston Smith, PhD
Director of Research & Publication

Aims and Objectives

  1. Coordinate and manage the University’s research activities.
  2. Ensure the annual publication of the University’s premier peer review Journal, the JUCCI, conference proceedings and student publications.
  3. Develop ideas with regard to new research themes and strategies through invitation and partnering with the wider community.
  4. Promote the research profile and visibility of the University.
  5. Initiate and foster multidisciplinary linkages with research centres of excellence, as well as research programmes and projects.
  6. Establish a research fund to facilitate outstanding research proposals.
  7. Conduct regular internal and external sharing of knowledge in forms of seminars, symposia, conferences and literature exchanges.
  8. Coordinate the development of sound research proposals and create a proposal bank.
  9. Encourage and facilitate the research and publication activities of faculty and staff.
  10. Support and encourage each member of faculty to develop a personal research plan.

UCCI’S Peer-Review Journal

The University produces a peer-review Journal: Journal of the University College of the Cayman Islands (JUCCI).

UCCI’S Caribbean Conferences and Distinguished Lecture Series

The University of the Cayman Islands has been staging the International Caribbean Conference for no other reason than to stimulate and inject new ideas and to thus offer invaluable opportunities to raise national intellectual and social assets to respond in more innovative and creative ways to the Islands’ needs. Of course, it also the intention to showcase UCCI as an academic institution with a rich intellectual environment committed to scholarly excellence.

UCCI Research Agenda

In a meeting of thought leaders on June 16, 2010 to discuss a UCCI research agenda, the following broad topics and research questions emerged from the focus group exercises:


Potential research questions:

  • Culture and Identity: How are these concepts defined or understood in the Cayman Islands?
  • Entitlement:  What is entitlement, how is the concept understood, and to what extent does a negative perception affect the Caymanian psyche?


Potential research questions:

  • Exploring the tensions between Caymanians and expats: To what extent does excluding children of expatriates from ‘free public education, K-12’ impact the social fabric of Cayman?
  • How effective has education --i.e., program /activities, advertising, public forum, media discussion-- been as a tool for addressing social issues e.g. teenage pregnancy, drug abuse etc?
  • To what extent can education halt the ‘marginalization’ of Caymanians?

Religion and Society

Potential research questions:

  • To what extent are churches/ religion influencing social norms?
  • What is the current state of religious beliefs in the Cayman Islands?

Service Sector (Tourism, Health, Finance)

Subtopic: Partnership between College and Industry

Potential research questions:

  • How is effective partnership defined and understood in the Cayman Islands?
  • To what extent is effective partnership occurring between colleges and industries in the Cayman Islands?

Entrepreneurship in the Cayman Islands

Potential research questions:

  • How is entrepreneurship perceived or understood in the Cayman Islands?
  • How can entrepreneurship be encouraged locally?

Subtopic: The Caymanian and the Service Sector

Potential research questions:

  • What factors are preventing Caymanians from increasing their numbers in the service industry?
  • How could the wider society be impacted if future employees choosing only the financial   sector for employment?
  • How does tension between education and government services affect the efficient delivery of services?


Potential research questions:

  • To what extent is sustainability pertinent to the Tourism industry?
  • To what extent can Cayman’s tourist carrying capacity be determined?
  • What are the possible impacts of the carrying capacity on education/training and hospitality services?


Potential research questions:

  • How has development i.e., social and economic affected the health of the nation?
  • How has an understanding of non-communicable diseases affected social behaviours?

Researching in the Cayman Islands

Potential research question:

  • How are reports on research disseminated in the Cayman Islands?
  • How can this process be improved?
  • Who are consumers of research data locally?

And we can add many more topics, once we think about it! So there is much to be researched and UCCI must be the key institution that does this.

So again, welcome to UCCI and please enjoy as much as we can offer in terms of research and publication.





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