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Department of Social Sciences


Greetings! I am very pleased to welcome you to the Department of the Social Sciences whether you are a new student or if you are continuing your educational journey here at UCCI towards either an undergraduate or graduate degree.

I hope that you will enjoy your time at UCCI and that it will be a time of learning, intellectual and experiential growth which will culminate in academic success. You are both privileged and challenged to be university students in very interesting and turbulent times for the Caribbean region and, indeed, the entire international community now embedded in the globalization phenomenon.

The Department of the Social Sciences through its Associate and Bachelor Degrees aims to ensure that you fully understand human progress and be thoroughly prepared to be a contributor.

The social sciences encompass diverse concerns of society and include a wide a range of content, drawn from the disciplines of history, geography, political science, philosophy Psychology and sociology. The Social Sciences are of great importance not only in terms of increasing relevance for a job in the rapidly expanding service sector, but they are indispensable in laying the foundations for an analytical and creative mind.

The Department seeks to encourage the critically reflection on social issues that have a bearing on the creative coexistence between the individual and the collective good. The disciplines that make up the social sciences, namely history, geography, political science, Sociology, Psychology and Philosophy have distinct methodologies that often justify the preservation of boundaries. However, this Department seeks to open up the boundaries of these disciplines to ensure that a plurality of approaches is applied to understand a given phenomenon.

The goal of the Department is to offer courses of study which challenge students to develop an understanding of the dynamics of individual and social behavior from a number of perspectives. It seeks to provide the information needed to think critically, write coherently, and identify salient issues so students can function as effective, productive citizens.

Dr. Livingston Smith
Chair, Department of Social Sciences
Director of Research & Publications








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